Open Wed-Sun 11.00-18.00 / 17 Lai Street Tallinn, 10133 Estonia

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM) is located in the old town of 
Tallinn in a 17th century storehouse. The museum’s collection was initiated in 1919 as 
part of the collections of the Estonian Art Museum. 

Today it consists of examples of contemporary Estonian applied art as well as of design 
prototypes and products. The collection, with 15 000 exhibits, includes works of 
textile art, ceramics, porcelain, leather, glass, jewellery, metalwork, furniture and product 
design. There is also a rare collection of photographs, negatives and slides; a small 
specialist library and an archival collection. The collections of Estonian Museum of Applied 
Art and Design offer the largest and most comprehensive overview of Estonian applied 
art and design.




Classics. Helle and Taevo Gans


Heatproof. Maie Mikof-Liivik



COLLECTED WORKS. The new permanent exhibition of Estonian applied art