The museum’s collection is complemented by the designs of Viive Linnart and factory Linda



The museum recently acquired interesting material by designer Viive Linnart who worked for decades at the factory for leather accessories Linda. She is one of the industrial artists whose work was worn by most of the Estonians but her input to the local everyday has remained until today anonymous for the wider audience. Therefore it is especially exciting to introduce her.

Viive Linnart (1932) graduated from the State Art Institute’s leather department in 1963. After that she started working at Linda with her fellow graduate Asta Kamar. The third student from the same year and field, Ella Summatavet continued at the factory Kommunaar.

At Linda, the work was divided by the specifics of the production into three: different typologies of bags, smaller leather accessories and fur products. Viive Linnart’s speciality with Asta Kamar was designing different types of bags all through to the 1980s. 

During the 1960s wallets designed by her were also produced at the Art Products Factory in Tallinn. After 5 years of experience in the industry she began giving lectures at the State Art Institute focusing on the design of leather accessories and technology. In 1987 there was a comprehensive exhibition at the Tallinna Raemuuseum (Tallinn Town Hall museum) displaying the unique works of the factory’s designers. 

Since 1988 Viive Linnart was a member of the Designers’ Union of the USSR.

The collection was complemented by some of the handbags designed by Viive Linnart, additionally she donated two handbags designed by Asta Kamar and 50 informative photos with Linda’s production and working process.

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