Tanel Veenre. Bluebeard



But the temptation was so great that she could not overcome it.

Bluebeard by Charles Perrault

The exhibition “Bluebeard” presents the first ever display of masks created by Tanel Veenre, a jewellery artist and versatile designer, over the course of the past decade. In the artist’s diverse work, theatrical and ritual face jewellery and coverings transform into crowns and take on sculptural, free-form dimensions that envelop the wearer in an air of mystery. Emerging from Veenre’s clothing accessories designed for fashion runways, these pieces have evolved to incorporate otherworldly details and are captivating in their autonomy. Taking on the form of surreal seahorse compositions, deconstructed cross-sections of Bolt scooters or lavish clusters of ear berries, these conceptual masks made of the most diverse materials excite the senses of both the wearer and the observer, immersing visitors to the ETDM gallery in a fairy-tale spectacle.

Tanel Veenre:

The masks transcend gender, liberated from human roles, reflecting my intertwined and ambivalent perception of life. Among the creatures of my personal universe, there exists an abundance of inexplicable, ambiguous beauty, surpassing the significance of gender.”

Tanel Veenre’s artistic practice is a continuous exploration of a unique personal universe. Incorporating his distinct worldview and cultural encounters, Veenre intertwines his idiosyncratic imagery with universally recognisable references, resulting in sensual, mystical, and contemporary compositions. With a diverse repertoire of visual imagery and a deft command of technology, Veenre navigates across an array of materials, encompassing high-gloss plastic, stones, wood, musical instruments, organic substances, and even incorporating hand-scented oils to evoke a multi-sensory experience. His playful approach infuses his creations with a captivating lightness of touch and an enticing visual language.

Exhibition designer Katrin Sipelgas

Graphic designer Margus Tamm

Exhibition team in ETDM Ketli Tiitsar, Silvia Pärmann, Toomas Übner

Fairy tale Bluebeard by Charles Perrault, English version of the fairy tale adapted by the artist.

Source of English translation:

Production of the exhibition

The builder of the structure Hobbiton OÜ, Ragner Lõbu
Exhibition setup Imre Toomeoks, Pärtel Eelma, Olavi (Olku) Aida
Soundscape Veiko Anvelt (Ajar Stuudio)
Technical support Annes Leht.

Tanel’s gratitude goes to Otto Antson, Anni Mäger, Hannes Tõnuri, Aldo Järvsoo, Kerttu Keermaa, Liis Lindvere, Kristjan Raba (ERM) & all the other good souls on the way.