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PRESS RELEASE 18.08.2006
August 19 to September 17, 2006

Purposeful provision of design education Estonia began in 1966, that is soon 40 years ago. In the 1980s and in early 1990s the department worked under the generalised name - Department of Design. Upon the changes in the system of government and economic environment a need emerged to detail the fields of study and thus the department was divided into two in 1995. Departments of graphic design and product design were founded, that very soon were moved into the different faculties of the Academy of Arts. We still have a lot of history in common and despite different outputs we still share some essential similarities. This exhibition is an attempt to indicate what has been accomplished by design education by the year 2006, what are the skills taught to the designers today and what are the abilities expected.

This exhibition does not just strive to present nice things in a row, it also explains what stands behind these things, as far as the work and stages covered and ideas are concerned. It is often less complicated in regard of student works than in regard of the works of “proper artists” as the point of reference of the first is mostly quite precise, being work-outs in a specific approach or subject. They are free of compromise unlike tendencies characterising real life. That would be the major difference compared to a traditional design exhibition that presents an independently thriving “completed” world already familiar to us, where the background of creation and aspiration has lost its relevance and the retrospective presentation thereof is often senseless.

Although being an historical exhibition, it focuses on the present day and the works of the most talented students of the recent years. History or material found in the archives of the Academy of Arts is here in order to complement these works, thus providing a better overview of the reciprocal links between the design and the context surrounding and influencing it and changes over time.

One of the aims of the exhibition is to introduce design instruction to a broader audience, but the fact that this is an instructive and necessary overview giving an extensive picture of the essence of design, thus closing the gap in the consciousness of our society is even more important.

The exhibition was compiled by Prof. Martin Pärn of the Product Design Department and Prof. Ivar Sakk of the Graphic Design Department, both from the Academy of Arts of Estonia.
Exhibition hall was designed by Martin Pärn and Tarmo Luisk and graphics by Mikk Heinsoo, Erko Rundu and Koit Randmäe.

An exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. 

Prepared by:
Martin Pärn

Further information:
Martin Pärn, phone 51 38791
Kai Lobjakas, phone 627 4603, 56 486977,  

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