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PRESS RELEASE 12.06.2006
„INFORMED SHADOWS”. Jewellery by Anneli Tammik (Estonia) and Christoph Zellweger (Switzerland) 
16.06. – 09.07.2006

The cooperation of Anneli Tammik and Christoph Zellweger began in 1999 in England where Anneli was taking a short refresher course. Christoph was the director of the Masters' programme in the Department of Metalwork and Jewellery in the Sheffield Hallam University.
This was the period when both artists having received the traditional training in jewellery art started to use computers for designing jewellery, using the methods usually applied in metal industry for the elaboration of the digitally developed images in material. First they were interested in expanding the technical boundaries of jewellery, while not surrendering the express form and imagery of a piece of jewellery. Both artists are inspired by the ornament with its extensive character and various implications.
Why is the heading of this exhibition „Informed shadows?” For Anneli Tammik and Christoph Zellweger ornament functions as a carrier of information. Frequently the meaning and system of ornament is shadowed by the aesthetic patters that dominate the works of artists at a first glance. However, ornament can also hide allusions to the history, and also to religions, nature, science or human hand. Can it be possible to look at the spiral and not to perceive its mythical qualities, hidden tension and spell? Where are the boundaries which divide natural and man-made structures? Could rhizome systems take roots in our internal logics, in the areas that we do not have any understanding to date? What do they tell us? Is the future bioamorphic, will technology become organic eventually?
The exhibition does not provide any direct answers to the questions, but offers ideas while playing with objects which can be lived with, which can be worn on one's body or which can be just enjoyed.

Anneli Tammik - Born in Tallinn in 1975. Lives and works in Tallinn.
Studies in the Department of metal art in the Estonian Academy of Art (BA 1994-1998); Tallinn Pedagocial University (MA 1998-2003).
Worked as an artist in the jewellery company Aurum (1997-2002).
Starting from 1998 she is a freelance artist.
Participates in the exhibitions since 1994. Solo exhibition „[2D-3D] spiral”, gallery 008, Tallinn (2005). For the same series of jewellery she received an annual prize of the Association of Estonian Metal Artists named after Ede Kurrel (2004). A prize from the competition arranged by the Estonian Association of Gold „Best Jewellery 99” (1999); the first prize with the right to implement the design „EIKA” prize competition for the best investor (1998).

Christoph Zellweger - Born in Germany in 1962, Swiss citizen. Lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. Received the training of a goldsmith at Wilhelm Reindl in Lübeck and Kiel in Germany (1980-1984); studied sculpture in Kunstgewerbeschule, in Zürich, Switzerland (1987-1991); received MA in the Royal College of Art in London, England (1991-1993). Has worked as a freelance designer in various studios.
Worked as a lecturer and a researcher in the Department of Metalwork and Jewellery in Sheffield Hallam University (1993-2003). Currently holds the chair of professor there. Starting from 2003 teaches industrial design in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Zürich, Switzerland.
Several public and private collections have acquired his works, including British Craft Council, England (1994); National Foundation of Contemporary Art-FNAC, Paris, France (1997); Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Germany (2002); Contemporary Arts Society, England (2002), and many others.
Participates in the exhibitions since 1990. In the period from 1990 to 2003 he arranged 15 solo exhibitions, including exhibitions in the following galleries: Gallery Tactile, Geneva, Switzerland (2003); Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg, Sweden; Gallery Louise Smit, Amsterdam, Holland (1999); etc.
Has curated almost ten exhibitions.

Press release was compiled by Ketli Tiitsar

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