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PRESS RELEASE 12.06.2006
„ELAN” – glass artists Pilvi Ojamaa and Leida Jürgen
16.06 – .08.2006 

This exhibition provides a cross-section of the creative path of Pilvi Ojamaa and Leida Jürgen through several decades. Both artists are characterised by two common traits – they have worked as artists in glass factories and in their unique creative work they are attracted by engraving.
The exhibition provides an overview of the different aspects in the artists' work: sets and tableware designed for glass factories, cut and polished crystal forms, unique designs in coloured glass, executed in heat treatment and engraved crystal vases and forms fascinating with their fine details and mastership.
The sweet-sounding word elan envelopes such notions as momentum, ardour and inspiration that emerge in the dynamic postures of Pilvi Ojamaa's masterfully engraved female figures and Leida Jürgen's lyrical compositions drawing on the subjects related to nature.

Pilvi Ojamaa graduated from the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR cum laude in 1956 as a student of Prof. Maks Roosma and under his guidance she mastered perfect technique in engraving. During the years 1956 -1958 she worked as an artist and engraver in the Factory of Artificial Glass in Leningrad.
In the period from 1965 to 1991 she worked as an artist in the glass factory Tarbeklaas in Tallinn where the tableware designed by her gave a functional and modern trend to the production of the factory. In her unique works she uses engraving, having achieved mastership in depicting beautiful female figure in movement. Today Pilvi Ojamaa is the only glass artist in Estonia having achieved perfection in the intaglio engraving of crystal. For years she has also taught the secrets of this rare and complicated method to the students of glass art in the Estonian Academy of Art.
A selection of acknowledgments: 1958 – gold medal and Diplome d´Honneur, world exhibition EXPO, Brussels; 1960, 1969, 1972, 1979, 1985, 1987 - silver and bronze medals at the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, Moscow.

Leida Jürgengraduated from the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR as a student of Prof. Maks Roosma in 1952. During the years 1955 -1990 she worked as an artist in the Factory of Artificial Glass in Leningrad. In 1965 she specialised in the production of crystal, being one of the best-known in this field in the former Soviet Union. Leida Jürgen designed large crystal sets and decorative forms, performed orders. Beside Slavic exuberant culture of form abounding in detail, Jürgen's crystal forms appealed with their precise proportions. While applying all traditional techniques, the artist exposed the optics and glitter of crystal. Jürgen introduced new methods and treatments, integrated sulphide glass and crystal in the decor, tested ultrasonic engraving. The artist also designed fine line engraving as decor for mass production. Her engraved forms covered in figural and floral compositions emit lyrical and nostalgic undertones.
The selection of acknowledgments: 1958 – gold medal and „Diplome d`Honneur”, World Exhibition EXPO, Brussels; 1968 – gold medal, the Leipzig Fair; 1973 – gold medal, glass and porcelain exhibition, Jablonec.

Curator of the exhibition: Anne Tiivel
Designer: Helle Gans

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