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PRESS RELEASE 01.02.2006

Starting from 4 February the reminiscences of Vilve Unt, the professor of the Estonian Academy of Art, reflecting the changes in the fashion during the period of fifty years are displayed in the ETDM. The dresses, cardigans and large-scale photos displayed at the exhibition form a retrospect which relies on the artist’s personal experiences.

Having undergone a number of changes from the respectable skirt length to the garments revealing the whole length of legs and back again, dress has made a comeback to the fashion scene after „years of exile”, although today it is not identical to those dresses we remember our grannies, mothers, aunties and their friends wearing. As in the past dress was an accustomed and almost only possible piece of clothing that the fairer sex used to wear all over the world, the artist decided to go through a certain role play and exercise the changes in style, acting as a model, clad in the original dresses made using the patterns of the Estonian fashion magazine Siluett. Tiit Veermäe's large-scale photo performances are compatible with the photographic traditions having prevailed in the various decades.

Vilve Unt was born on 4 February 1956 in Põlva County; she graduated from the Estonian State Institute of Art in the specialty of fashion design in 1979.
1979-85 she designed knitwear all over Estonia as the artist employed by the Ministry of Services.
1985-93 creative period of work: in Tallinn Fashion House and 1992-93 in the textile studio of the industrial art studio ARS.
She has exhibited her works and worked as a teacher of fashion design. In autumn 1993 Vilve Unt was invited to work as the head of the Fashion Design Department of the Tallinn Art University, the job that she is employed in up to date. 1997-2003 she worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Art in the Estonian Art Academy and in 2003-2005 the Dean of the Design Department.

Open discussions addressing the issues of fashion will take place in the ETDM within the framework of the exhibition:
22 February at 4.00 p.m.: „Under the magnifying glass: DRESS”
1 March at 4.00 p.m.: „The jubilee of the Tallinn Fashion House is approaching”

Exhibition will remain open until 5 March.

Exhibition design by Vilve Unt.
Sponsors: Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Artists' Association.

This release was prepared by, further information available from:
Anu Ojavee
626 7318

Vilve Unt. 1961. Photo: Tiit Veermäe

Vilve Unt. 1971. Photo: Tiit veermäe

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