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PRESS RELEASE 22.11.2005

Solo exhibition of Tarmo Luisk “NBD“ (Natural Born Designer)
Tarmo Luisk is undoubtedly one of the most widely known and sustained Estonian contemporary product designers. On the other hand, he has become an almost imperceptible part of the local surroundings. Since his graduation in 1996, he has been fortunate to work persistently in the vocation of his choice, being both a creative designer as well as an educator in Estonia, in a country very instable economically as far as design is concerned.

Luisk started with lighting fixtures design at the joint-stock company AS Rinaldo, where he designed his first lamp series Basic. In their integrity, these became a prevailing milestone in the history of new Estonian design. These lamps became successful products on the local interior design scene and, due to their simplicity, lead a viable life up to these days both in domestic environs and in public space. Followed by cooperation with Estoplast, and further development of the trademark 4ROOM, the result of collaboration, is continuing until today. In fact, his grasp extends from lamp families to plywood furniture and public places.

Luisk’s products are characterised by a compromise between simplicity and cleverness - as appropriate for good design. As an outcome, an elementariness emerging from detailed precision can be seen in his works. Luisk has always been contributing to a definite part at various expositions of Estonian design across Europe; the present display is his third personal exhibition.

He is probably of the very few, if not the only one, of his generation of designers to be able to set up an exhibition of his previous works and celebrate a decade of his active years as a designer. However, Luisk makes a leap ahead this time; he departs from the product focus and detaches himself from the everyday needs allowing himself a caprice to create primarily idea-driven, rather than function-driven things. Now he has moved onto the landscape of idea, an important realm within the Estonian design context, where practicality is of second rate. He has given form to several 2-3 years old or more recent ideas that, due to lack of time, were not fully worked out or realized until now. Instead of making an allowance for the customer’s expectations, Luisk is making and showing things that “cannot be bought in shops” and that he would not complete otherwise. His idea-centred expressions have hatched out from the mundane situations and have received - in the ironical key so typical to Luisk – a slightly crooked form of ordinary objects. He is waving quippingly both to the history (the lamp Good-bye Mr. Edison with an incandescent bulb placed in front of a target), as well as to daily life (lamp series of flames called Flamous) and presents furniture, clocks, and jewellery. Yet this exhibition serves as a confirmation of the fact that lighting fixtures remain his favourite format.

The exhibition remains open until 5 March 2006.

Further information:
Tarmo Luisk
+372 509 3302


Good-bye, mr. Edisson. 2005

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