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PRESS RELEASE 01.12.2005
25.11.2005 – 29.01.2006

EINO MÄELT, Glass artist, the sixth exhibition arranged in the framework of series of exhibitions Classics by the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, continues to present the creative work of the Estonian applied artists who have played an important role in the shaping and development of the Estonian national applied art. The exhibition gives an overview of the creative path of the glass artist Eino Mäelt (b.1940). Glass forms and objects displayed date from the period starting in 1970 up to this year.

In the 1960s and 1970s Eino Mäelt became the first Estonian glass artist who implemented his creative ideas. After his daily work as an artist and glass-blower in the factory Tarbeklaas in the years 1958-1991 he experimented with new technological approaches, pouring thick glass mass into simple patterns of monumental impact, cuboids, cubes, spheres. He added details of coloured glass, stripes, bullets into the molten glass. But through the finished and polished surfaces of glass prisms he let light into the glass mass, making colourful details shine.

In the 1980s austere nature of the North was a major source of inspiration for the artist and the impulses derived from this helped to create modern works with clear rhythms, adding a bit of the texture of nature and warmth to it.

At the beginning of the new millennium Mäelt uses more symbols and signs in his work. The artist has used the symbol of a turning wheel for several times, acting on the conviction that this sign fights evil and envy. The artist is interested in the things that are far in time and space such as stone slates bearing cuneiforms, graves of Viking chieftans. The expance of the Universe and far-off planets have their appeal.

The artist's latest works are like small monuments which have been raised to dolomite or metal pedestals.

The artist has also executed a number of orders of the municipal governments in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Kuressaare, creating thematic glass objects for anniversaries or for awarding outstanding individuals.

The creative journey of Eino Mäelt continues and the artist still attempts to cast into glass the bright moments found.

Related to the exhibition the ETDM published a bulky catalogue of the creative works of Eino Mäelt. The catalogue comes in the series Classics.

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The press release was prepared and further information can be obtained from:
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Breakwaters. 1976

Summer afternoons at Meleski. 1974

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