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PRESS RELEASE 17.10.2005

A selection of the production of Tartu Experimental Factory of Plastic Goods in the 1980s.

On the 7th October at 17:00 will be opened the exhibition “Plastic Into Bag!: A selection of the production of Tartu Experimental Factory of Plastic Goods from the 1980s” 
The exhibition “Plastic Into Bag!” presents the plastic bags produced at the Tartu Experimental Factory of Plastic Goods in the 1980s. It is an extended version of the exhibition held at the Estonian National Museum in the summer of 2004; this time, the exhibition is comprised of 600 plastic bags.
In the Soviet-time world of trade deficit and shortage of commodities, the plastic bag held a special position and high status, because more often than not the availability and assortment of even the most ordinary consumer goods was limited. In a retrospect, the plastic bag as an accessory was a phenomenon charged with an intense cultural meaning. So is the given exhibition a colourful selection of the appearance and pictorial language of the daily environment of those days. Although the authorship has not been the primary focus for the current display, the visitor is bound to recognize the handwritings of several artists, book illustrators among them. 
In the production of promotional plastic bags began at the Tartu Experimental Factory of Plastic Goods at the end of the 1960s already, but an explosive growth in the bag production occurred prior to the Olympic games in Moscow (1980), when the Committee of Olympic Games promised to confer a bonus to the best enterprises with good souvenir ideas. Plastic bags enabled to keep the public informed about any kind of local and nation-wide events and red-letter-days. 
The ethnographers who compiled the exhibition guide the visitor to the topic of the plastic bag by means of supportive explanatory texts, in which various keywords relevant to the subject have been scrutinised and where the immediate memories of the people pave the way to a lucid thematic picture. Thereby, hopefully, the daily life of the people as well as the values of the society from decades ago becomes more understandable for the contemporary visitor of the museum. 
The exhibition has been structured along the different activities and walks of life, forming small thematic groups of the enterprises and organisations of, for instance, trading, agriculture or construction and of various events.


The exhibition remains open until 13 November 2005. 

Curators of the exhibition:

Anu Järs, Estonian National Museum

Kristi Kaljumägi, Chair of Ethnography at the University of Tartu .

Designed by Jaana Jüris.

Press release by Kai Lobjakas.




Further Information:

Kai Lobjakas, Curator for the exhibition at ETDM

Tel. 6274603





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