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PRESS RELEASE 30.09.2005
On 7 October at 4 P.M.
a selective exhibition of the collection of the KECSKEMÉT INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS STUDIO (ICS) "IN TIME - IN EARTH - IN FIRE" will be opened.

In Hungary, a country having long-time historical traditions in ceramics the centre of ceramic art located in Kecskemét, 80 km from Budapest, plays an important role in the promotion of formal, aesthetic, and technical development of ceramic art. According to the founder and director of ICS, János Probstner comprehensive advancement of the creative artistic freedom together with the acquisition of appropriate technical means and enhancing of diverse scholastic research were addressed with extreme relevance already from the second half of the 1970s. The development of a museion-type institution where distinguished or promising ceramists from Hungary and all over the world could find shelter when implementing their independent art projects has been set as the objective. Besides studio work thematic programmes, courses in ceramics and seminars are arranged.
Throughout three decades ICS has developed into a considerable international art centre, its porcelain and ceramics collection comprising more than 3000 items, all works of art have been completed by the artists having worked over the years in this constantly developing studio and bestowed in the museum at Kecskemét according to an advance agreement. ICS museum includes works of 351 artists from 41 countries in five continents.
Aage Birck, Dorothy Feibleman, Mária Geszler, Elsbieta Grosseová, Matsumoto Hideo, Janet Mansfield, Peteris Martinsons, Enrique Mestre, Frederick Olsen, Gustavo Peréz, Imre Schrammel and Vladimir Tsivin among others are doubtlessly the crown jewels of this precious collection.
Sergei Isupov is the only Estonian having worked in the Kecskemét International Ceramics Studio in 1993.
The creative works of all the above artists are exposed at the present exhibition.

As the reflection of activities of the ceramists of international renown has been regrettably rare in Estonia, a glance at the works of the masters of that degree could become a very special feast for the lovers of ceramic art here.
In our globalising world professional ceramic art conveys mainly one message through its diversity - openness forms a key to the interpretation of the universe. Although earthware is born out of soil and fire even today, time has left its mark: the country of origin does not confine the author and the message (in art) is not limited.

The exhibition was prepared by the curator of ICS Jóna Gudvardardóttir, designer is Terje Kallast.
The exhibition exposed with the support of the Hungarian Institute is opened until 20 November in ETDM. After that the selection of works will be exposed in Vilnius, Riga and Helsinki.

The press release was prepared by and detailed information can be obtained from
Airi Ligi,
ETDM exhibition curator
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