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PRESS RELEASE 30.08.2005
4th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial
With the theme : TWO CLOSE ONES
17 March-21 May 2006, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Being the disciple of a tradition of Applied Art Triennials of Baltic States, Tallinn Applied Art Triennial with the title TWO CLOSE ONES will take place as an international exposition for the forth time.
The first international Tallinn Applied Art Triennial without any geographical limitations was held in 1997. The title of the exhibition “Useless Things” contained simultaneously both the provocation as well as the key to explicating the contemporary applied art. The exhibition aimed at bringing the applied art with an emphasis on the second half of the term before the eyes of the audience; it is primarily an art of objects and materials that presents the ideas and conveys messages, in which case the question of its usefulness or uselessness ceases to exist. The call for triennial was being heard by 304 artists from 26 countries, the international jury selected from among them 79 artists representing in total 16 different nationalities.
In 2000, the theme of the triennial was “Possession” and in 2003 - “Bare Boundaries”. As a new event, a day of theoretical lectures on the issues in the Estonian applied art and design and the presentations of the works of participating artists was arranged within the framework of the “Bare Boundaries”.
Today the international Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, once emerged from the applied art triennials of the Baltic countries, has developed into an open art forum that deals with promoting the ideas of applied art and design and appreciating creativity in all its aspects. 

4th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial with the theme : TWO CLOSE ONES
The world of objects is closely connected with past and memory. Nothing comes into being by itself or out of nowhere. Applied art with its material- and technology- centered nature has an inevitable connection with traditions. Both the tradition and the existing may also be the point of departure for something completely new. Unpredictable associations with the past or the present are the theme of this Tallinn Applied Art Triennial.
In the center of interest lies the artist’s relationship with the previously designed object through a new creation, be it through breaking the “rules” and breaking loose from the traditions, disclosing some new aspects in them, or by simply explaining them, understanding them and being inspired by them.
Two Close Ones offers an opportunity to expose artists’ personal connections with already existing items.
For the object of inspiration one should take an object designed by someone else, which must not necessarily be from the same field; however, we ask to appreciate the technique and the material of the original work.
Besides her/his own work, the artist must show at the exhibition also the photo of the object that triggered the connection for her/him.

The exhibition will be compiled on the bases of an open competition, by an international jury. Enrolment is free - with no personal invitation or geographical limitations.
At the 4th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial will be exhibited the works of applied art or design that have been specially made relying on the theme of the triennial Two Close Ones.

1. Each author may submit a sing work or a series (maximum height 3 m and maximum surface area 8 sq m).
2. The artists are notified of the decision of the jury by 15 December 2005. The authors selected by the jury will be notified about the deadline for submitting the works.
3. The work/series sent to the exhibition must be identical with the works appearing on the submitted photos.
4. The works will be returned to author by 15 July 2006.
5. At the triennial, there will be given three cash prizes. One first prize with a value of 1600EUR and two equal prizes each with a value of 960EUR. The jury reserves the right to issue special prizes. All awards will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on the 17 March 2006. The winner of First Prize will be invited to participate in a special exhibition at the 5th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial in 2009.
6. There will be printed a catalogue on the exhibition; each participating artist will receive one free copy.
7. The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right to use the photos for free in the exhibition catalogue. Photos will be returned.

For complete list of regulations please go to: or contact the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society.

In the frames of 4th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial an international seminar will be arranged at 17th March 2006. The programme of the seminar will be launched at 1st October 2005 latest.

The deadline for sending the participation forms is 31st October 2005!

For downloading the regulations and participation form, please go to:


Looking forward to your contribution at the triennial,
Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society

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