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PRESS RELEASE 10.08.2018


MIND and BODY ‒ I and YOU
Peter Ramsebner, Anna Steinhäusler (Austria)
11.08. – 07.10.2018


and Design is opening an exhibition of two Vienna-based artists working primarily in sculpture, structured as a creative dialogue between “mind and body, I and you.” The exhibition deals with the shared features and contrasts between the authors themselves and people in general. Using human figures, the artists depict the overlays of body and mind. In the artists' own words, the dynamics between body and mind as well as the internal and external worlds is part of their being and behaviour.


Peter Ramsebner, Anna Steinhäusler:
“Humans are connected beings. The ‘I’ is many and multilingual. The self consists of its own and foreign parts. An ‘I’ is not based on being separated but part of a network of connections. The more divergent the connections, the more multi-layered and rich the ‘I’ becomes. Identity is not created individually but it is generated through exchange with others.
The ‘you’ serves as an engine for the ‘I’. Identity is shaped with and by the identities of others. The ‘you’ is necessary as a contrast agent to define the ‘self’. The other can appear as a stranger. The foreign is mostly the parts of us that we do not want to include in our character palette or that go against our will. Ideas and opinions can be projected on to something unknown because it is not part of the self-image. Someone who rejects the ‘other’ protects himself by making a distinction between the self and the other, without looking for parallels.

I and You. The former unknown ‘you’ can become part of the self through value-free dialogues. What seems to be familiar and does not cause fear becomes willingly integrated and embodied. The distinction between body and mind, one’s own and the other, the inner and outer world is not always clearly determinable, because we can feel the interactions.
Within those tensions each individual tries to find him- and herself through others.”


Peter Ramsebner (1967)
1986-91 studied painting in the master class of Adolf Frohner at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His work in restoration opened the door to sculpture. Since 2007 he works with miniature sculpture.
‘The sculptures are mainly made using wood, painted with casein paint and small in -size. They are attempts to document something that is but which cannot always be perceived as such or described clearly.’


Anna Steinhäusler (1990)
2015 finished her painting studies in the class of Christian Ludwig Attersee and Judith Eisler (as a successor) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. During her studies she examined the media of painting and sculpture, especially ceramics. 2012-2013 studied Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom under Andrew Burton.
‘Ceramics and paintings are created through touch.’

The exhibition is supported by Embassy of Austria in Tallinn, Estonia

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