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PRESS RELEASE 11.05.2018



Curator: group Urmas-Ott



The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design initiated a new project for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia entitled “Room”, as part of which artists and designers are invited to connect to the landscape of objects shaping the local art scene and everyday environment. The aim is to present the viewer with an installation or staged environment in the 36 m2 gallery of the museum, which is based on pieces from the museum collections and additional found materials and keywords.


The first to confront the challenge is the group Urmas-Ott (Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste), who describe their position thus:


“It seemed exciting to once again liberate the things removed from their natural environment and imprisoned in the archival cabinets and recreate a phantom room in the gallery of the museum.


The aesthetic of the exhibition is based on the childhood memories of us. Objects, placement, furniture, sounds, smells. The exhibition doesn’t present any one specific era or style, but rather relies on the logic of vertically assembling history. What do we throw away? What do we keep? What remains? What do we use? What has meaning for us? The objects in the room have been produced in the past 100 years. They make up a homely environment, which is familiar to anyone who was born or has lived in Estonia.
Anomalies have been smuggled into the selection of everyday objects. Unimportant at first glance ‒ Twin Peaks style abrasive and dislocated objects. They charge the room with stories, and the voyeuristic viewer, ruining the ideal, can sense the situation which was there before they entered.


Urmas-Ott is an artist group, the joint identities of which include the metal artists Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste, who both graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts.
They have been active since 2010 and their main form of expression has been provocative installations that question established conventions and understandings and analyse topical events. Collectively they have both initiated and curated many exhibitions.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Storage Library.


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