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PRESS RELEASE 02.02.2018


NERVES. Urmas Puhkan


The solo exhibition, “Nerves”, by ceramicist Urmas Puhkan is inspired by the tension in society, the vibrations of nervousness that are impossible to ignore for him as an artist. As the artist says, “Nerves are on edge.”
The gallery has become a stage, where the artist describes and depicts the state of tension in a manner and with his own characteristic materials. Puhkan creates a clay environment with the help of a 3D-pencil in which a fragile field of lines depicting everyday relations appears. Over time, the fired and unfired clay starts to break apart, crumble and alter, supporting the idea of the fragility of social networks. At the gallery, visitors can observe the process of the altering of objects.
Puhkan has used the 3D clay pencil technique in his work primarily during the last year.
The 3D clay pencil is a new tool for modern ceramic artists making it possible to build fascinating latticed forms.
This technique uses clay that is softer than ordinary clay, and is extruded from a special pressure vessel by means of compressed air.

Urmas Puhkan was born in 1967 in Nadalema village, in Estonia. He graduated from the ceramics department at Tallinn Art University (now Estonian Academy of Arts) and is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and the Estonian Ceramicists’ Association.
He has actively taken part in exhibitions since he was a student and is the founder of artist group NEOEKSPREPOST, which has been active since 1988.
At the instigation of Puhkan, Asuurkeraamika OÜ was established in the Old Town of Tallinn in 1993, which was the first ceramic workshop-gallery of its kind in Estonia, where visitors could familiarise themselves with both ceramics as well as the process of its production. Collectively, they have developed the field of ceramics and organised exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. Working as a non-profit organisation since 2008, Asuuritorn continues in the Old Town, where it operates in the Loewenschede tower – part of the mediaeval city wall. It is a ceramics centre, where today ceramics exhibitions, presentations and courses take place.
Since 2001, Puhkan has been a member of the organising committee of the Kohila International Ceramics Symposium. In 2005, he was selected as the head of the ceramics department at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Design. Puhkan is also a member of the committee for Hop Gallery, which focuses on contemporary applied art and design.
He has participated in exhibitions since 1993, and in total, his work has been exhibited at more than 60 exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.


The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


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