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PRESS RELEASE 24.04.2017


The Grand Prix of the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial went to Belgium

The Grand Prix of the recently opened 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial was awarded to Belgian artist Octave Vandeweghe for his series of objects “Cultured Manners”. The international exhibition centered around the concept of time and exhibiting artists from 19 countries will be open in Estonia until 23 July 2017.

The series of utensils made of polished precious stones titled “Cultured Manners” by Belgian artists Octave Vandeweghe verges on the lines of functionality and beauty. In the words of the jury, it brings together hi-tech and low-tech, synthetic and natural. “The work presents hints to functionality, at the same time being impractical, and it also contains tension between made and found objects,” said the international jury, led by Norwegian art critic and editor André Gali. In the series Ocatve Vandeweghe uses citrine, phantom quartz and verneuil sapphire.

The jury selected two more works out of the 49 works displayed at the exhibition. The second prize was awarded to Villu Plink and Silja Saarepuu from Estonia for their video “Carpet” showing the endless process of ploughing a field into a carpet. “It is a whimsical, light hearted, grounded work with multiple layers that also brings together traditional and modern techniques and media,” remarked the jury.

The third award was given to Lithuanian artist Jurgita Erminaité-Šimkuvienét, whose amber flypaper is titled “It’s Only a Question of Time”. The jury observed that the essence of this usually dirt-attracting everyday object is well captured and at the time transformed into something precious. “As the amber also contains ancient insects in its bubbles, the theme of capture is bringing different time scales together into a beautiful whole,” remarked the jury.

All three prize winners clearly present the leading idea of the main exhibition, time difference. They all showcase engagement with the past, present and future; all works make visible also the geological time. The jury appreciated the quality of the craft and the merging of idea, materials and a humorous approach.

The jury was composed of Norwegian art critic and editor André Gali, Finnish jewellery artist and manager of Fine Arts in the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Eija Mustonen, glass artist and Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the art field group at Pitzer College (USA) Sarah Gilbert, philosopher, critic and lecturer Eik Hermann and gallerist, translator and writer Keiu Krikmann from Estonia. The grand prix included an award fund of 2500€, the second and third prize respectively 1500€ and 1000€.

The main exhibition of 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial “Ajavahe. Time Difference” at the Estonian Museum Applied Art and Design (Lai 17, Tallinn) is open until 23 July. The exhibition features artists from Nordic countries, Central Europe, Baltic countries, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Israel, but also China, Taiwan, USA and Canada. Their artworks reflecting on the concept of time were chosen to the exhibition out of 256 works submitted to the open call. The exhibition includes ceramics, jewellery, glass, textile and blacksmithing, but also video and large-scale installations.

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