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PRESS RELEASE 19.04.2017


Applied art triennial invites artists from 19 countries to reflect on the concept of time


On April 21 an extensive art festival, the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial will launch in Tallinn, Estonia. The main exhibition “Ajavahe. Time Difference” invites artists to reflect on the concept, the various meanings and subjective perceptions of time. Additionally, a seminar on mediating art will also take place – everyone interested is welcome to pre-register!


The thematic main exhibition of the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial features artists from Nordic countries, Central Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Israel, but also China, Taiwan, USA and Canada. Their artworks reflecting on the concept of time were chosen to the exhibition out of 256 works submitted to the open call. The exhibition includes ceramics, jewellery, glass, textile and blacksmithing, but also video and large-scale installations.


The chairwoman of the triennial, jewellery artist Merle Kasonen says time is central to the concept of applied art in many ways, yet in its universality is something we all can relate to. “Everyone is constantly in a hurry, there is so much information surrounding us and this inevitably leads to tiresome superficiality,” Kasonen explains. “On the other hand, processes are faster and more effective than ever before, so the question is more about the need to find a balance. I hope the exhibition manages to offer new and unexpected point of views and through that, reflect on how we use our time.”


With the aim of improving the visibility of applied art and design, a seminar “Modes of mediating applied art and design” will take place on the day of the opening of the triennial, 21 April. Bringing together artists, critics, curators and communications professionals and other esteemed experts, the seminar seeks an answer to the question of how to mediate applied art to a wider public, offer relevant feedback to artists and raise the overall design literacy in society.


The presenters include André Gali, a Norwegian art critic and editor (Norwegian Crafts Magazine), Sarah Gilbert, a glass artists and educator from United States, Karin Paulus, an Estonian critic and journalist, Liz Farrelly, a critic, editor, curator and educator from United Kingdom and Hanna Kapanen, a curator of educational programmes from Finland.
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The main exhibition of the triennial takes place from 21 April to 23 July, 2017 at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (Lai 17, Tallinn). In addition to the main exhibition and seminar the triennial also features an extensive satellite programme – 26 exhibitions, performances, open studious and installations all over Tallinn.

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