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PRESS RELEASE 14.09.2016


Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design gallery
Raili Keiv, Hanna Whitehead
Vicious Circle

Exhibition opening 15.09 at 5pm

But then when you are lost in the forest, then again, your shirt put the other way, yes, then you will find your way.ˡ

In the past few years, Raili Keiv and Hanna Whitehead have taken an interest in experimenting with tableware. Experiments with unusual materials, unexpected proportions, familiar everyday details and humour come together in their work. The designers met in 2014 at the European ceramics biennale on the island of Bornholm in Denmark, where their work was shown in the “New Talents” exhibition. They discovered their work in a kind of dialogue, which they now wish to elaborate on, both in the form of ideas as well as an exhibition.

This time the basis for the exhibition is the circle as a geometric shape, which the designers address in different ways.

Hanna is interested in the circle as a perfect shape. She explores different functions using circles of identical size as the main element. To create the prototypes she uses readily available resources such as paper and cardboard in order to depict materials such as wood, ceramic, textile and many others, giving them the visual characteristics of a soft or hard material.

Raili approaches the theme from the opposite direction. Two materials enter the dialogue, warm wood and cold porcelain, which inherit each other’s properties. Porcelain transforms into wood or the other way round, bearing the visual characteristics of the other material by way of the artist’s hand. Is drinking coffee from a wooden cup as enjoyable as from a porcelain cup? Or can you combine the two materials? Can mixing two materials so different in nature create a new quality, and improve each with the other, or is that pursuit too artificial? The designer’s series of tableware, valuing wood as a material, has been created for the current exhibition.

“Vicious Circle” will continue to develop and travel after this exhibition. In the designers’ prototype stage, the experimental works will evolve and grow through their continuing collaboration. The next phase of the process can be seen in 2017 in Iceland at DesignMarch and then also in Berlin.

ˡ Vadja ethnology XVIII. Paul Ariste’s collection of manuscripts in the Estonian Folklore Archives


The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Graphic Designer: Jaana Davidjants

Thanks to: Anton Koovit, Kaisa Sööt, Epp Kubu, Holger Loodus, Katrin Press, Irja Keiv

Photographers: Katrin Press (Raili Keiv), Studio Hanna Whitehead (Hanna Whitehead)

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