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PRESS RELEASE 28.09.2015


Lennart Mänd

A book made out of paper is an object of social interaction, fostering emotions, associations and memories. A paper book consists of contents and a shell. The shell – a combination of materials and techniques – influences how the contents are received. Designer bookbinding is a discipline involving a specific set of techniques, and has developed and settled into place over many years, co-existing for centuries alongside the printing press.

The bookbindings on display at this exhibition, most of them for the first time, are experiments that seek the nexus between handicraft and industry and explore ways of adapting artisanal techniques in a novel way for limited-series production. The objective is to find simple and functional technological solutions for, in effect, giving a commercial book a more luxurious appearance. The various details of books are examined – colouring the edges of the textblock, increasing the ruggedness of a book spine and backstrip, and joining an exposed spine with a rigid cover material. New book coverings and the materials used to create them are also instrumental to the impression – they range from traditional gold-leaf or parchment to coloured glue, plants and wasp comb.

Inventing new combinations of materials and playfully bending the rules leads to new qualities. In the digital age, a personalized paper book holds prospects of becoming a luxury item, dense with emotions.

Lennart Mänd received his MA in 1998 from the Estonian Academy of Arts, at which point he complemented his artwork by teaching in the school’s leather art department. Since 2009, he has served as professor in the leather art, accessories and bookbinding design department. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. His works can be found in many museums and private collections.. L. M. Is one of the founders of the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders and a leader of the international bookbinding art exhibition Scripta Manent. He has also played an active role as an exhibition designer.

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