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PRESS RELEASE 22.05.2015


"New Nordic Fashion Illustration 2"



"New Nordic Fashion Illustration Vol. 2" opened at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design on the 23rd of May. The exhibition presents works by Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish fashion illustrators, created almost exclusively for this exhibition. The curator of the exhibition is well-known fashion editor and photographer Toomas Volkmann.


The exhibition presents fashion illustration from the region closest to Estonia – the Nordic countries – as a phenomenon that is attracting more and more interest, focusing on the present and on fresh trends and techniques.


Fashion illustration, with its roots extending back centuries to the beginning of classical drawing skills and printmaking, is an art genre that is thriving and attracting increasingly more attention, but as yet
has not been thoroughly researched. Fashion illustrations first gained wider recognition between the covers of fashion magazines, being the mediators of fashion design in the pre-photography era. During the last decades the focus has shifted from conveying garments to independent self-expression, creating a new visual and captivating context and fascinating the viewer withidiosyncratic worlds, which in their uniqueness have found broad application in the fashion industry, magazines, the interior design of fashion outlets, and in the marketing strategies of the most diverse brands in the field of fashion and pop culture. Having become an outstanding aspect of the fashion industry and its broad visibility has in turn led to an increased interest in the genre in art galleries and museums. The illustrators, inspired by history, the present and lifestyle, are proficient in most of the various drawing and painting techniques, and in addition possess the skills of assemblage and the latest digital techniques. The unlimited range of subjects in their work combine realistic human proportions and ideals, geometry and the surreal, nature and mythology, poetry and the mundane, photography and free-hand drawing. It is the complex and contradictory nature of the genre that
makes it attractive to such a wide audience.


The selection of works by Nordic fashion illustrators put together by Toomas Volkmann is exhibited on the ground floor of the museum. In addition, the working drawings and inspirational material that preceded the final works in the main display can be seen in the staircase gallery on the 1st floor.


The exhibition is accompanied by tours with the curator and Estonian illustrators to open up the background to the works. The first tour of the exhibition will be held with Toomas Volkmann on the 3rd of June at 4 pm.


In autumn, anyone who is interested can make their own fashion illustrations under the guidance of Estonian and foreign illustrators.


Estonia: Marju Tammik, Anu Samarüütel, Britt Samoson, Kätlin Kaljuvee
Finland: Laura Laine, Annu Kilpeläinen, Riikka Sormunen, Jarno Kettunen
Sweden: Cecilia Carlstedt, Stina Persson, Daniel Egneus, Sara Andreasson, Liselotte Watkins
Denmark: Naja Conrad-Hansen, Mia Marie Overgaard, Mads Berg, Lisa Grue
Norway: Esra Roise, Natalie Foss, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Hans Christian Oren


Main supporteres of the exhibition: Viru Keskus and Nordic Culture Fund.

The exhibition is supported by: Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu, Danish Arts Foundation, Rootsi Saatkond, Silberauto, Järsi, Eckerö Line Eesti, Nordic Hotel Forum, DHL, Hahnemühle, Orbital Vox Stuudiod, Skizze, Estonian Air, Arizona ja Mokai.


Curator and display designer: Toomas Volkmann
Main organiser: Helen Saluveer / MTÜ Kunstiloomus
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule
Assistant: Birgita Silberg


Additional information:
Helen Saluveer
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Press release is compiled by: Ketli Tiitsar
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