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PRESS RELEASE 16.11. 2004
Ideas of modern sweets by young Estonian designers.
–  02.01.2005

The display of modern sweets can be seen at the Museum of Applied Art and Design from 19th November presenting the results of a four-day sweets workshop, which was the launching event of the grouping of young designers NODI in mid-October in the Hellemann Tower, Tallinn. The NODI grouping aims at contributing to establishing contacts between young authors and local producers.

The sweet factory Kalev became the first "victim". Under the supervision of its technologists, there was obtained basic knowledge of the characteristics and potential of different sweet masses as to grant the designers from various fields (designers, architects, jewellery artists) with the liberty to invade the peculiarities of the world of sweets and challenge the firmly developed conventions by raising provocative questions, such as: sweet for jewellery? sweet for blanket and pillow? sweet for chair? sweet for lifestyle? sweet for art? sweet for a biological clock? .

The small exhibition at the museum represents a mere condensation of the results of this event. There can be seen the young designers’ vision of the new versions of marmalade, toffee, and chocolate - a marmalade puzzle and a sweet wrapped in a leaf of sweet balm are only few examples.

The exhibition at the Museum of Applied Art and Design remains open until the 2nd January. Information regarding the later location of the exposits will be available at

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