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PRESS RELEASE 23.01.2015



“Definitions”, an exhibition of work by glass artist Mare Saare (b.1955), opens in the gallery of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. On show are a selection of fragile glass objects made in recent years using the pâte de verre technique. Through these Saare seeks to materialise her thoughts and feelings. On the walls are photographs of the internal and external structures of the pieces on show. Saare is the first Estonian glass artist to use pâte de verre (glass power fusion) and has achieved a high level of skill in this technique, for which she has been recognised both here and abroad, for example, at the important international competition exhibition “Glass Kanazawa 2010,” where her work received a silver medal.
In the exhibition text Saare writes, “A single word is often enough to activate a string of thoughts, to imagine an object which I would like to make, or to see in detail the entire process for making an object. In the same way that a definition explains the meaning of a word, by using other words, I would like to provide a three-dimensional definition to a word or words.... Everything began with the work “Definition of Chaos”. Chaos is probably a situation I often find myself, and therefore, it needs defining, analysis and a solution.”
The exhibition also is the launch of a book entitled Fragile, which was compiled and designed by Mare Saare. It provides an overview of the important themes in Saare’s work. The photographs, taken herself, are of her pieces, detail views and sources of inspiration in nature, and provide a view inside the fairy tale-like inner world of glass.


Mare Saare graduated from the ESSR State Art Institute in 1979, and has been working with fine glass for 35 years. She has furthered her studies in residencies and taught in numerous glass centres in Scotland, USA, Germany and Japan. Saare has also taught in the glass department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she has been head of department since 1993 and professor since 2001.
She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. Her work has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Kristjan Raud Award (2011). Her work is included in both private and public collections in close to twenty different countries.

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Curator of Leather Art and Glass Collections
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