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Gudrun Sjödén is a Swedish designer and founder of the brand named after her. Her creations are often inspired by some strong folkloristic character. In case of the winter collection 2013 it was the textile heritage Estonian island of Muhu to which she got to know in New York.

Gudrun Sjödén’s Winter Collection is a folkloristic colour explosion inspired by the Estonian island of Muhu. It also includes a group of home textiles featuring pattern motifs that have followed Gudrun over the years — “Gudrun classics”.

“When I was in New York in autumn 2012, I found a richly-illustrated book about Muhu and the Estonian Archipelago. This became the inspiration for winter’s colour- ful, folkloristic collection. The women of Muhu’s craftwork has blossomed over the centuries — the joy of their creativity is brimming with the most colourful patterns and embroidery in orange, pink and yellow. My design team and I were hugely inspired by all this girl power,” says founder and creative director Gudrun Sjödén.



In the Baltic countries there’s a tradition of making extremely imaginative clothing and accessories in completely unexpected colour combinations. Which is why there’s a lot of ingenious embroidery and knitted patterns in our “Muhu” series. A coat with fine cross-stitch embroidery, waistcoat, leggings and dress in jacquard-knit cotton jersey and the collection’s key piece — the knitted, richly patterned “Muhu” cardigan with borders of cross-stitched roses and pretty, small metal buttons. This programme comes in colourways of poppy red, bilberry blue and ecru.



This year’s Winter Collection also includes home textiles. “Gudrun classics” are
a small group of home products containing cushion covers, tablecloths, bedding, curtains and tea towels adorned with spots flowers and block stripes — now classic Gudrun patterns.

The colourways are also “typically Gudrun” including pink, red, sky blue, grass green and graphic black/ecru. All are, naturally, printed on rustic organic cotton. In addition, the focus of the Home Collection is on fabulous rugs, several of which are made in the same patterns and colourways as the “Muhu” pattern collection.


The Gudrun Sjödén company was founded in 1976 and celebrated its 35th anniver- saryinautumn2011.Thecompany’sbusinessideaistooffercolourfulfashionand home textiles in unique, individual designs. The idea of sustainable designs in nature’s own materials is the reason why Gudrun Sjödén’s creates clothing. Today, Gudrun sells her colourful designs to customers in 50 countries around the world — partly through her own stores, but also via her inspiring mail order catalogues and incredibly beauti- ful webshop.

Today the company has 17 stores — six in Sweden, six in Germany, and one each in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, New York and London. The company currently employs 200 people with sales totalling half a billion Swedish kronor.

Gudrun Sjödén has won many awards for her creativity and entrepreneurship, includ- ing His Majesty the King’s medal, Litteris et Artibus, in 2007 for her valuable contri- bution as a fashion designer; an award for being Sweden’s largest fashion exporter in 2011; the sustainability award from Elle fashion magazine in January 2012; and the Businesswoman of the Year Award from BPW, Business Professional Women Sweden, in October 2012.

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