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"FROM THE COOLEST CORNER" Nordic jewellery

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8 March to 11 May 2014. Opening: 7 March at 17:00.
Estonian Museum of Applied and Design, Lai 17, Tallinn. Open Wed-Sun, 11:00-18:00
"FROM THE COOLEST CORNER". Nordic jewellery
From the Coolest Corner- Nordic Jewellery presents groundbreaking and fresh jewellery from Northern Europe, a comprehensive selection of 159 works by 61 artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia. Renowned experts have made a selection of representative works, as a basis for researching the role of northern European jewellery in the context of international art. Message of this touring exhibition is that Nordic jewellery is experimental, bold, expressive – and cool.
Estonia is represented by Kadri Mälk (guest of honour) Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi, Kristi Paap, Anna-Maria Saar and Tanel Veenre.


PUBLICATION “FROM THE COOLEST CORNER” Nordic Jewellery will be available in the museum shop during the exhibition.
Editor Widar Halén. 248 pages, 228 colour illustrations. In English.
Arnoldsche Art Publishers 2013


As the number of participants is limited, please register in advance at
Admission included in the price of the museum ticket.
20 March 17:00 Tanel Veenre
29 March 12:00 Anna Maria Saar
10 April17:00 Julia Maria Künnap
26 April 17:00 Maarja Niinemägi
3 May 12:00 Kristi Paap
8 May 17:00 Kadri Mälk




8 March to 11 May 2014
Stairs Gallery Estonian Museum of Applied and Design, Lai 17, Tallinn. Open Wed-Sun, 11:00-18:00
TUNGraud / Iron Urge
Exhibition of works by alumni and master’s degree students of the Estonian Academy of Arts jewellery and blacksmithing speciality.
The metal artists describe the exhibition as follows: “The exhibition focuses on the use of iron and wrought iron in jewellery and other objects. Use of this material in jewellery art is unique in the European context and is an apt characterization of modern Estonian jewellery.”
Compiled by: Nils Hint, Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing.

22 February to 11 March 2014
HOP Gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Open Thu-Tue 11:00-18:00
Kätrin Beljaev and Pilleriin Jürisoo. Väikesed valitsejad / Little Empressis
The jewellery artists behind this exhibition, Pilleriin and Kätrin, have, at different times over the last five years, shared a studio and travelled the world. At the current time, their life and work paths have brought them to a similar point– a need to seek and find their own place. In analyzing this need, they concluded that it stemmed from a desire to control and be a creator of the surrounding environment. Pilleriin Jürisoo
Kätrin Beljaev

7-8 March 2014
Margus Johanson’s Photography Studio, Pikk tn 40, Tallinn. Open 12:00-17:00
Julia Maria Künnap. Suur Sula / The Thaw
For just two days, visitors will have an extraordinary chance to see works by Julia Maria Künnap, all of them characterized by the topic “Thaw.”
The exhibition consists of the creative discoveries made by the artist in recent years: several dozen items. The main emphasis is on hand-made, partially faceted and polished stones, which have been shaped into wearable jewellery Stones and gold are ancient materials that have been worked and used in much the same way for millennia.

8-31 March 2014
A-Galerii, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00; Sat 11:00-16:00
Maria Valdma. Passage

Maria Valdma graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a master’s degree in jewellery (2000). She has appeared at exhibitions since 1994, with four solo exhibitions besides her group exhibitions. Leitmotifs in her work include a poetic vision of space and “fictions” based on it: recollections of one’s own subjective emotions as well as those experienced by imaginary strangers, and reflections of their relationships. Mirrors, black oak and ebony have become favourite materials, with silver, iron and gold a close second. 

8 March 2014 11:00-16:00
A-Galerii windows, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00; Sat 11:00-16:00
Anna-Maria Saar. Millal ma valmis saan? / When I get done?
In this one-day-only action taking place in the showcase window of A-Galerii, the artist tells the story of personal growth, trying to answer the questions: When will I get done as a person, when will my ideas be finished? What about jewellery? Are the basic materials for jewellery already finished at their inception?
The artist puts the premium on the creative process of fashioning jewellery and viewers have an extraordinarily opportunity to partake of it, in a space of just five hours. 

8-22 March 2014 Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Open Wed-Sun 12:00-18:00, Closing event: 22 March 18:00.
Gram Stuudio. Ümber nurga / Around the Corner
Maarja Niinemägi, Kristiina Kibe, Linda al-Assi, Birgit Skolimowski, Kertu Tuberg, Lisa Kröber, Marita Lumi, Ettel Poobus, Kärt Maran and Merle Kasonen.
Gram is a jewellery artist studio situated in the Old Town, in a building with long metal art traditions on Hobusepea tänav. “Around the Corner” is a collection of the diverse work of the artists working in Gram. The exhibition environment in the courtyard of the Hobusepea 2 house aims to restore new value to a beautiful but crumbling milieu and introduces the building as a singular kind of jewellery centre.

15 March to 1 April 2014
Hop Gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Open Thu-Tue 11:00-18:00
Anneli Tammik. Ränne / Flock
Anneli Tammik graduated from the jewellery speciality of the Estonian Academy of Arts and defended her master’s degree in art theory at Tallinn University (2003). She has taken part in more than 30 exhibitions, five of which have been solo shows. She is known for experimenting with different materials and technologies, such as photo etching, laser-cutting, 3D printing and vacuum casting. Her work has won the Edel Kurrel Prize awarded by the Association of Estonian Metal Artists (2004). 


The public will have a rare opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes world of jewellery, meet artists, and see where and how these pieces are created. On this day, artists have put out on display older and newer drawings and sketches as well as works never exhibited before in Estonia.

Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits, Tanel Veenre
The attic features a selection of jewellery, drawings and books designed by four artists. In the studio, fragments of works are laid out on tables and on the walls behind the tables.
Open: 7-9 March 2014, 12:00-18:00
Hobusepea 2, 3rd floor, entrance through the iron gates


Maarja Niinemägi, Kristiina Kibe, Linda al-Assi, Birgit Skolimowski, Kertu Tuberg, Lisa Kröber, Marita Lumi, Ettel Poobus, Kärt Maran and Merle Kasonen
Gram is a jewellery artists’ studio situated in the Old Town, in a building with long metal at traditions on Hobusepea tänav. Besides the collective workspace where 10 artists work, visitors can see a variety of unique and limited-series work by the artists in a special oval hall adjacent to the studio.
Open: 8 March, 12:00-18:00
Hobusepea 2, 1st floor, entrance through the iron gates
Contacts: +372 627 6773,


Kaire Rannik, Anneli Tammik, Ketli Tiitsar, Maria Valdma
The four artists of Kam Kartell have produced joint projects as well as individual exhibitions, commissioned work and small series. For slightly more than a year, they have had new digs, where an exhibition on their latest work is about to open.
Open: 8 March, 12:00-18:00
Hobusepea 2, 1st floor, entrance through the iron gates (doorbell no. 74)
Kaire +372 5345 9799,
Anneli +372 509 8159,
 Ketli +372 552 8904,
Maria +372 511 2350,


Kätrin Beljaev and Pilleriin Jürisoo
The workshop was founded out of a common desire to have a dedicated place to work on jewellery. There’s more synergy and warmth in a collective, and artists can exchange ideas and information. For now, the Workshop has been in existence for five years in spite of the chaotic lifestyles of its denizens. The workshop displays tables, tools, and a view of the Old Town’s courtyards. We also have a small collection of our jewellery on display.
Open 8 March, 11:00-17:00.
Viru tänav 2, Peppersack cafe loft
Contacts: Kätrin +372 5647 0522  
Pilleriin +372 5656 6568


Over his long and successful career, Jaan Pärn has focused primarily on creating unique handcrafted jewellery.
His studio in Tallinn’s Masters’ Courtyard offers a variety of his work for viewing and purchase. The artist also takes orders. Pärn will also be opening the exhibition “Collected Works” in the Masters’ Courtyard Gallery.
Open: 8 March 9:00-19:00
Open on weekdays: 10:00-17:00
Vene 6, Tallinn
Contacts: +372 504 6113,


Ivo Pottsepp and Triin Peetsalu
Two young jewellery artists run this cosy jewellery studio on the city centre side of the Kadriorg district, primarily specializing in on unique work executed on commission. The studio will be open to the public and welcomes discussion of ideas for jewellery ideas.
Open 8 March, 12:00-17:00. For visits on other days, please make advance arrangements.
The studio at J. Köleri 2 is located on the second floor of a two-storey wood building. Please call +372 513 0468 when you have arrived and we’ll let you in!
Contacts: Ivo +372 513 0468,
Triin +372 5343 9902


Nils Hint and Mikk Freiberg
The forge is located at a train depot near the central station where workmen repair wagons and replace wheels. In the middle of this busy, workmanlike environment is a small smithy where the depot’s smith one worked, but who, as times changed, had to give up the position. As the smithy is small and can’t hold much unfinished work, I often keep some items behind the door, where it can be seen by all of the local workmen, as the area in front of the smithy is always full of hubbub and action.
Open 8 March, 12:00-18:00
Telliskivi 64, access from Tallinn’s central station. (Located on a closed territory and accessible only by calling ahead)
Contacts: Nils +372 5382 2650,,
 Mikk +372 5690 4878,

20 March 2014
Estonia pst 7, room 221


Public lectures on jewellery and blacksmith art for anyone interested in enrolling in the faculty. A chance to see what the department is all about.


Public lectures:
13:00 Tanel Veenre. On jewellery art
14:00 Rait Siska. On blacksmithing


+372 6 267 315


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