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PRESS RELEASE 19.04.2012


Kärt Ojavee
UUO. Undefined Useful Objects


UUO stands for Undefined Useful Objects, items around us that have not yet an exact definition. It is characteristic for the UUOs of this exhibition to follow the patterns, processes, systems, structures or movements of the living organisms. This model for creating new items is also known by the term ‘bio mimicry’ that finds the ways for solving problems or connecting the missing links in the environment created by humans.
UUOs are in an incipient state, going through the trials and errors as it has been in the nature throughout the evolution process. UUOs are in many cases physically linked materials with hybrid concepts - investigating the possibilities for using textile as a substrate material for various ubiquitous computing elements and embedded systems that will surround us in a few years - the net of tagged objects and slow technology.
As Mark Weiser puts it: “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it”.
UUOs can generally be divided into two groups: products and installations. Installations are rather utopian ideas that are looking into the living urban landscapes in the future – environments that could tick in the same rhythm with people, materials that behave.
Products on the other hand, are items that already function as everyday objects, but are always opened for upgrades as are the installations.


The exhibition is divided into four main themes of UUOs:

Pillowhugger: Sun-sense, Lightning and Play-me
SymbiosisO: W, S and C
SymbiosisO: Voxel


It is important for the viewers to take a look behind the scenes in order to see the insights and the process.


For developing new and better UUOs, the guest of this exhibition has to follow the instructions. Interaction, curiosity and opened mind is the only way to experience the works of this exhibition.


Kärt Ojavee is — in Estonia as well as on the international scene — an active representative of the area that has become known as e textiles and smart products. Looking for solutions and proposing ideas for adjusting the constantly changing world in connecting textiles and electronics, she has been consistent and successful in that field since 2004 already, both as a designer and instructor, performing at exhibitions and giving lectures. By today, significant output has developed from her cooperation with Eszter Ozsvald, with whom she has created the SymbiosisO projects, of which the most recent one, SymbiosisO:Voxel (in cooperation with Eszter Ozsvald and Alex Dodge) is on display at Tribeca Issey Miyake, New York City. This spring, Kärt’s doctoral thesis on ‘Active Textiles in the Interior’ (supervised by Maarja Kruusma) is about to be completed in the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn Technical University.


Design of the exhibition: Ralf Lõoke and Neeme Külm
Graphic Design: Mikk Heinsoo


Sponsors: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Favor AS, the Estonian Academy of Arts, Hobusepea Gallery, Center of Contemporary Arts, Estonia


Further information:
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