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PRESS RELEASE 19.04.2012


Contemporary Estonian graphic design 2001–2011



Opening on 20 April at 17.00.


The exhibition ‘Content and Form I — Contemporary Estonian graphic design 2001–2011’ will display works of new-generation Estonian graphic designers who are busy mainly in the field of culture. They are presently active freelancing graphic designers who were born in the 1980s, grew up in the 1990s and started their professional careers in the new century. This is the first generation of Estonian designers who received a professional education, inter alia, abroad.

The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase from the exhibition series ‘Ruum ja vorm’ (Space and Form), which started at the end of the 1960s and introduced form designs, made visible the role of design in arranging the daily life and discussed the question of who is the addressee and what is the reason of creating.

Just like the then young designers, the new generation of Estonian designers discuss, besides the questions of form and style, the essential problems — what to design, how to design and whether to design at all. Members of this new generation create works for customers but, to the same extent, start projects on their own initiative, keep away from agency-based advertising jobs and concentrate rather on cultural, social and educational projects.

While the ‘Ruum ja vorm’ exhibition was aimed at decorating the environment amid stereotypical construction and goods, the designer works on display at this exhibition are not so much opposed to standardisation but, rather, stand out against the domination of market logic and the accompanying mechanisms that dictate working terms to the designer.

The exhibition will feature posters, books, brochures, flyers, web pages, macro graphics, illustrations, typefaces, films, animations, installations, skateboards, T shirts, postcards, and information graphics.

An extensive exhibition catalogue will be published, analysing the exhibited designs in more detail, explaining the process of their creation and placing them within a wider cultural context. The catalogue will be presented at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design on 15 June 2012 at 17.00.

The artists represented at the exhibition are Ranno Ait, Tuuli Aule, Keit Ein, Jaan Evart, Mikk Heinsoo, Jaak Kaevats, Johan Kallas, Risto Kalmre, Elisabeth Klement, Anton Koovit, Fred Kotkas, Ott Metusala, Margo Niit, Katja Novitskova, Kaarel Nõmmik, Laura Pappa, Ronald Pihlapson, Koit Randmäe, Rene Rebane, Indrek Sirkel, Timo Rohula, Triin Tamm, Jan Tomson, Toom Tragel, Mihkel Virkus, Epp Õlekõrs.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the following programme of events:
– 21 and 22 April, at 11.00–18.00: the travelling bookshop ‘Asterisk*’ will be opened at the museum, offering new art and design publications from Estonia and elsewhere.
– 26 and 27 May, at 12.00: an excursion introducing the exhibition for all those interested.
– 26 and 27 May, at 12.00–14.00: a graphic design workshop for kids. Instruction will be provided by designers. Register in advance by writing to
– 28 May, at 12.00–18.00: graphic design workshop for kids, as an event of the Tallinn Old Town Days. Participation is free of charge. At 16.00: an excursion introducing the exhibition.
– 15 June, Lecture Day at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, where several designers participating in the exhibition will speak about their works in more detail. Register for the Lecture Day by writing to,
at 17.00: presentation of the exhibition catalogue.


The exhibition is curated by Indrek Sirkel.
Design by Neeme Külm and Ralf Lõoke.
The exhibition is organised by the Lugemik publishing company and the Department of Graphic Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts.


The exhibition is sponsored by Eesti Kultuurkapital, the Estonian Academy of Arts, Antalis, Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda, Hobusepea galerii, Moe Viin 1886.

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