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PRESS RELEASE 23.03.2012


"Getting faster and faster?"
Rait Prääts



The exhibition "Getting faster and faster?" in the stairwell gallery of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design is based on glass artist Rait Prääts' desire to study moving, busy people; all the while searching for answers as to whether everything really is getting faster and faster.

As the result of much time spent studying and experimenting, the artist has succeeded in creating works in which the characteristics of painting, drawing and sculpture are all simultaneously represented. Rait Prääts' material of choice is glass, which he uses like paper is used for drawing, canvas for painting or clay for modelling. The unique properties of glass, such as the co-existence of mirrored light and light passing through, as well as plasticity born of heat, allows three-dimensional painting and transparent plasticity to be used together in a single work.

Rait Prääts does not strive for beauty and decorativeness in his works, but rather concentrates on passing on his idea. The artist recognises that life has constantly been getting faster, with vehicles also getting progressively faster. The journey still takes as long as before, but the distances traveled are greater. Regardless of the incredible pace along avenues of business, people find time to spend hours in front of the television and on Facebook.


Rait Prääts (1952) studied glasswork at the Estonian State Art Institute from 1970 to 1975. He has been a member of the Estonian Artists Association since 1984. Was a docent at the Estonian Academy of Art from 1993 to 2003. Organised the festival "Art Summer" from 1995 to 2008. Has been a freelance artist since 2003. Has participated in numerous personal exhibitions at Estonian galleries, as well as in Finland and Sweden. Has taken part in many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Rait Prääts is one of the foundations of Estonian glass art and an extremely productive artist. He has created numerous intriguing glass sculptures and objects, beautiful stained glass for public spaces and sacred buildings and completed large-scale monumental works (i.e. the stained glass windows of Niguliste church, 1980; the National Library's rose window and other stained glass windows, 1990/1992; the glass painting in Sammonlahti church in Finland, 2004; the rose window and organ project for Pärnu's Eliisabet church, 2007/2010). His works are imbued with a strong social sense. The pictorial world that is hidden in the multi-layered glass sculptures tells a tale of people themselves, of their worries and joys, their smallness and grandness.


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