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PRESS RELEASE 29.04.2011


Ivar Sakk

Laboratori di carattere is a place for exploring lettering. Ivar Sakk is the man behind a lab for documenting the layer of type that surrounds us every day: street signs, advertisements, informational texts. They all have a meaning, of course, but the inscriptions also have a form: there are thousands of fonts and every day brings more. Is there some connection between the meaning and form of these texts? Why were they created, who created them, when? What subconscious choices resulted in the lettering reaching Sakk's posters? The exhibition at the Museum of Applied Art and Design also serves as an introduction to a survey of the history of typography authored by Sakk.


Born in 1962, Ivar Sakk graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in industrial design in 1986. Besides his status as an independent artist, he has worked at length at Vaal Gallery as a designer and has taught at the Academy of Arts where he is tenured as a graphic design professor. Internationally he is best known as a poster artist; his work has been on display at international biennials in Brno, Warsaw, Moscow, Colorado, Hong Kong and many more locations. He has had solo shows at Vaal Gallery (1995, 1998), group exhibitions in Helsinki, Berlin, Viljandi and Rakvere, among other places. Sakk is the author of a number of graphic design and typography volumes and has presented at design conferences in Estonia and abroad. His local history-themed works Eesti mõisad (Manors of Estonia) and Läti mõisad (Manors of Latvia) are well-known, with Eesti kirikud (Churches of Estonia) is due out soon.


Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Koopia Kolm AS



Ivar Sakk

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