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PRESS RELEASE 17.09.2004
23.09 – 17.10.2004

It is significant that the opening of the exhibition has been scheduled for the 23rd of September – it is the day that signifies the 95th birthday of Ede Kurrel, one of the founders of our professional jewellery art. In proximity, somewhat later in autumn, happen to take place another two important anniversaries that we would like to celebrate with the given exhibition: the institution currently bearing the name Estonian Academy of Arts turns 90 years old, and it has been 80 years already that the metal artists have been educated on a university level.
Also the theme of the exhibition Chest is related to the given dates.
The chest is a place into where one consciously gathers things, and the chest is a place where things accumulate as if by themselves. The chest is a gatherer, a preserver, a concealer, a reminder - both in its material form as well as in its figurative meaning. This might serve as the explanation of the theme.
The preliminary information allows to assume that the younger generation - the students, graduate students, and the graduates of recent years of jewellery and blacksmithing of Estonian Academy of Arts - will be the nucleus of the exhibition What have they gathered, what have they selected and what new have they added to the already existing? This should invoke curiosity and expectations, because, as we know, the older generation has already been exploiting its creative and realisational capacity in our applied art galleries, being therefore relatively familiar to the people interested in the field. Which, however, does not mean that there is nothing to be expected from them. There is.
It has become a tradition that in September (now already for the seventh time) is announced and handed over the Ede Kurrel Award with the official name the Annual Prize of the Estonian Metal-Artists’ Union. This time the jury will choose the winner from among the exhibition participants. As a reminder: the award-winning artists up to now have been, starting with the first one: Andrei Balašov, Krista Laos, Arseni Mölder, Urve Küttner, Salme Raunam, Nora Raba. 

The winner of the Ede Kurrel prize 2004 is Anneli Tammik, with her serie - [ 2D – 3D credit ]. Jury named also the best student work of the year – which was SILENCE by Kertu Tuberg, supervised by Prof. Kadri Mälk.

The opening of the exhibition included the presentation of a new book METALL 2 - introducing the speciality of jewellery and blacksmithing at Estonian Academy of Arts. Compiled by Prof. Kadri Mälk and Piret Hirv. Designed by Pärtel Eelma.

The exhibition was designed by Maria Pukk and Ivar Lubjak.
Organizers: the Estonian Metal-Artists’ Union and the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing of Estonian Academy of Arts.
The exhibition and day of presentations was supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Artists’ Association, and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tallinn.

Exhibition CHEST - Estonian Contemporary Jewellery
CHEST commemorates two significant dates: 95th anniversary of Ede Kurrel (1909 – 1991), one of the founders of Estonian Jewellery Art, and
90th anniversary of Estonian Academy of Arts.

Time: September 24, 2004
Place: Museum of Applied Art and Design, Lai Street 17, Tallinn.
Moderator: Ketli Tiitsar, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Opening at 10.00 at the Museum of Applied Art and Design

Prof Inge Teder – “The Meaning of Ede Kurrel’s Jewellery”
Liesbeth den Besten (Amsterdam) – “Contemporary Jewellery, Hidden and Open Dimension”.
Toomas Paul – “Ark des Verbonds”

coffee break

Prof Kadri Mälk – “On Attitudes”.
Tanel Veenre – “Body-experience”.
Ebe Nõmberg – “1980ies in Estonian Jewellery”

Notes on contributors of the conference: 

Prof Inge Teder,
Ex-director of the Art Museum of Estonia, renown art theoretician and lecturer.

Liesbeth den Besten (Amsterdam),
a free-lance writer, curator, lecturer and adviser in the field of art jewellery. She is Chairwoman of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation and a member of the board of the “Chi ha paura ...” foundation, both active in the field of contemporary jewellery.

Toomas Paul,
a theologist, has published texts and books on theology and human studies.

Prof Kadri Mälk,
Head of Jewellery department at the Estonian Academy of Arts has curated international art events, published texts and books on contemporary jewellery.

Tanel Veenre,
Presently undertaking MA studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Working as a freelance journalist, photographer and fashion designer, also as an editor-in-chief of a life-style magazine.

Ebe Nõmberg,
Art theoretician and counsellor in arts working at the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Organised in cooperation with
Estonian Academy of Arts, Jewellery Department,
Estonian Metal Artists’ Association and
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn

Ketli Tiitsar / Project Manager Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Lai 17/ 10133 Tallinn phone. (+372) 62 74602 / mob. (+372) 55 28904
fax (+372) 62 74601

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