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Jukka Korpihete’s luminaires at Estonia Design museum 27.2. - 4.4.2004

Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseum
Lai 17, Tallinn, Estonia
Open Wed-Sun 11-18

Lighting designer Jukka Korpihete (b.1976, Riihimäki, Finland) graduated from Häme Polytechnics in 2000. Today he is doing his BA studies in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

In his Korpihete design office he mainly does lighting designing and lighting plans. Good examples are the interiors of the Learning resources centre Ilmarila of Häme Polytechnics and the library of Kanta-Häme central hospital. He has also written an article in the book School library as a space (publisher: Btj-kirjastopalvelu)

Korpihete has had private lighting exhibitions in Helsinki Design museum (2001), in Riihimäki Art museum (2002) and in Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä (2003). His lights have also been seen in co-exhibitions in Finland (eg. ‘Light’ in Fiskars 2003) and in Continental Europe. His Ruoko lamp was chosen to represent Finnish contemporary design in the exhibition ‘Lightings from twelve Finnish designers’ in Antwerpen in 2003.

The exhibition now seen in the Estonia design museum is a wide review to Korpihete’s production. In addition to well succeeded products of the Ruoko lamp series, there will be seen light boxes produced in co-operation with artist Tuomas Laitinen. In addition to his earlier works there will be announced two new lighting fixtures in Tallinn: Avanto ceiling lamp and Piilo wall lamp. There will also be seen Korpihete’s unique lightings in the exhibition as well as Kenno candle holder which is designed for Wetterhoff Ltd.

In his lighting designs Jukka Korpihete first of all concentrates on designing light itself. He gives shape to the light, not only to the lighting fixture. ‘Light is a design material, I want to bring out the shapes of light and shadows’, he says. The structure of his lamps is extremely simple and open, this way the most essential thing, light, is emphasized. The material of his lightings is painted or unpainted steel and plastics.

Jukka Korpihete’s lightings are in small scale production. Today Korpihete lighting models are marketed by Design Trading Finland. His unique lamps are also in private and public collections.

Jukka Korpihete is a member of the artist group Heräämö founded in 1997. Heräämö has made several light installations and performances in Finland. Also Korpihete’s paintings have been seen in many exhibitions.

Written by Kaarina Mikonranta, Intendent
Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland

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