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PRESS RELEASE 18.12.2008

The Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society announces:
The 5th Tallinn applied art triennial will take place from
13 November 2009 - 21 February 2010
at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design in Tallinn




KNOW HOW, the theme of the fifth Tallinn applied art triennial, will challenge participants to cast aside artist-, designer- and producer-centred approaches, to share their professional know-how, and to offer exhibition visitors an opportunity to (re-)create the items themselves.
The exhibition welcomes high-quality designs where the artist is behind the concept and form – but the actual production of the items makes a transition to the users.
Artists will be requested to submit to the exhibition a (sample) work as well as instructions on how to make it. Both will be put on display. The instructions should not merely be a description of how the work was created, but rather a manual for the exhibition visitor explaining how to re-create the object. Text and photographs can be used, as well as freehand and computer graphics, stencilling, and many other techniques. The exhibition will also have a website where virtual visitors will be able to download manuals. The exhibition catalogue will feature the sample works as well as instructions on how to make them.
KNOW HOW is statement: good design rests on a good idea. As such, the quality of work must be preserved even if concept and execution are separated from each other. KNOW HOW will allow ordinarily passive exhibition-goers to become participants in the design process.


Kärt Maran
exhibition curator


The deadline for submission of entry forms is 30 March 2009.

- The Tallinn Applied Art Triennial developed from the applied art triennials of the Baltic countries (took place in Tallinn starting from 1979). Today it has remained the single international forum with open call for artists in Europe involving all areas of applied art and design without geographic restrictions.
- The triennial is open to both professionals and university students. The artist must hold the copyright to his or her own work, and the work may not have been created under an academic supervisor.
- Artists are requested to submit a work based on the KNOW HOW theme accompanied by instructions on how to make the work – i.e., a manual.
- Participants in the exhibition will be selected by a jury appointed by the curator on the basis of the pictorial materials received.
- The international prize jury selected by the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society will award one grand prize of 27,000 EEK and two prizes of 17,000 EEK each.



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