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PRESS RELEASE 11.09.2008

Exhibition "NEWLY NEW"
Textile artist Ene Pars


At her solo exhibition Newly New Ene Pars presents large patchwork quilts displaying national patterns. In her series of room textiles started a couple of years ago the artist derives inspiration from Estonian national mitten patterns, rug designs and skirt stripes of national costumes. The artist is fascinated by their rich ornament, exciting colour schemes, rhythm and composition. Each and any of the stripe combinations and patterns woven by our foremothers is distinctive, a rainbow of hues that carries domicile characteristics, joy of life, aesthetic taste, sorrow, youth, maturity etc., this realm of images is inspiring, colour schemes fantastic, says the artist. All this has been woven into modern textile design. The rugs brandishing stripe and square patterns are not woven; Ene Pars has sewn them from strips of cloth. Some of them display fancy colours while others are elaborated in flax grey. Linen fabrics are used for making labour-consuming textiles, these are sewn to the lining and densely quilted. Quilting elevates the material and while touching these relief fabrics, one can feel the charming handwriting of a master.
Besides, the visitors can see Andres Tenusaar's animation inspired by the striped quilts lasting for one minute (music by Pastacas).

Interpreting Estonian ethnographic textile in the modern key, Ene Pars has accomplished large and functional works of textile art that meet high aesthetical and technical standards.
In 2007 Ene Pars was awarded the special prize of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association for developing patchwork techniques to the level of design proper.
Textile designer Ene Pars has been engaged in patchwork for seventeen years, within this period she also acted as the artist in the Katariina Guild Ene and Anni Patchworks. Today she manages her own firm Ene Pars Design OÜ. She has had several solo exhibitions in galleries and museums, her works have been displayed in the exhibitions both in Estonia as well as in Holland, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, England, Hungary and the US.

Exhibition designer: Terje Kallast
The exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Artists' Association


Further information:
Ene Pars
Phone: 514 2679


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