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PRESS RELEASE 10.09.2008



The exhibition “Shadow of Memory” in the ETDM Stairs Gallery introduces recent works in porcelain by Maiju Altpere-Woodhead, an Estonian who has for the past fifteen years lived in Australia.


In her own words, the artist continues to investigate the hybrid nature of memory by utilizing a ceramic mono-printing method in order to determine, mainly based on the personal experiences how memory records the phenomena resulting from changes in culture and location. She focuses mainly on the continuous division of her own sense of belonging.
This allows the artist to reflect on the blurred boundary between past and present, as well as express the constant change and unpredictability of memories.


She combines elements of classical intaglio and mono-print with ceramic materials and processes.

Incised plaster slabs are used as printing plates onto which liquid porcelain is brushed and cast. Thus a thin ceramic sheet is formed and then the image is removed.
The superbly sensitive surface of plaster records and reveals every alteration; images also lose definition rapidly and can even disappear with subsequent prints. By altering or adding new markings to the already existing and fading ones enables to record change, as some traces of the former identity is always retained.


Resulting square plates, a couple of millimetres thick, fixed to the base, form a panel and the mono-printed surfaces of this panel can be considered a reference to landscape or natural environment. The imagery of the prints is supposed to act as a trigger for abstract associations with natural phenomena and cultural expressions rather than literal representation of any particular location.
An Australian clay, Walker’s Imperial Porcelain is used exclusively both for its purity of colour and translucent qualities.


Maiju Altpere-Woodhead’s art studies to date involve the Master’s degree acquired in the Australian National University (ANU) in 2003 in visual arts and art theory.


Exhibition is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estours Travel and Treffner family.


Additional information:
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