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PRESS RELEASE 11.07.2008

PICTURE AND CARPET. Peeter Kuutma. Designs


Peeter Kuutma (1938) is a multitalented textile artist and has been active in the field of tapestry for more than 30 years. His interior textile projects include works varying from single/simple living rooms to the complex castle of Toompea. In the 70’s, he designed various front curtains for theatres in Tallinn, Pärnu and Viljandi. Peeter Kuutma is also famous for his attractively fashionable printed fabrics that were decorating several restaurants and bars in cities from Tallinn to Narva.

Peeter Kuutma is the best known Estonian geometrical tapestry maker. His abstract tapestries – “Goodbye Mountains”, 1992-1993 (former Bank of Tallinn); “Põhjala”, 1980 (Chancery of the President of the Republic) - are inspired by nature and are aristocratic and decorative at the same time. Peeter Kuutma has dedicated several monumental tapestries to Estonian cities, e.g. „Narva – City of Memories“, 1995 (City government of Narva). Some panoramas of Tallinn that are woven into tapestries are now at the royal castles in Denmark and Sweden. The colouring of Peeter Kuutma’s tapestries is serious, dominating are dark blue, green and brown colours.

Peeter Kuutma has collaborated with several interior architects. Leila Pärtelpoeg, interior designer for the renovated business rooms of the castle of Toompea, ordered 20 floor carpets (made in the period of 1999-2002) and carpets for the hallways and stairs. It is a serious challenge for an artist to design carpets for historic interiors as you have to find connections between the past and modernity. During the renewal of the interior of the Chancery of the President of the Republic in the beginning of 1990’s (interior design by Juta Lember) Peeter Kuutma conducted the copy-production of two tapestries from the period of Estonian first independency – heraldic tapestry by Arne Mõttus and the tapestry by Adamson-Eric, that was presented at the world exhibition in 1937. A composition made of fine linen jacquard fabric was also renovated by the designs of Adamson-Eric. Peeter Kuutma’s carpets are woven at the „ARS Vaibastuudio“ (founded in 1995), what developed out of ARS decorative weaving atelier.

Peeter Kuutma has been working as a drawing and composition teacher at the Tallinn School of Arts for the past 15 years. In the years 1967-1985, he worked at the textile factory „Punane Koit“ that was producing fabrics.
Peeter Kuutma graduated the field of textile at the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (currently Estonian Academy of Arts) in 1966. He is active in the art exhibitions and has organised several personal exhibitions in Tallinn, Haapsalu, Narva, Kuressaare, Tartu, Switzerland, Germany and Finland. He has also organised several exhibitions focussing in the field of tapestry in collaboration with the group called “Vaba Tahe” (Free Will) and exhibited pastel paintings.

Current exhibition is focussing the attention to colourful pictures – scetches of carpets. This is the way how the compositions and colour combinations of Peeter Kuutma’s future carpets are born.


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