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PRESS RELEASE 21.07.2008

Annual exhibition of the Estonian Textile Artists Association


The Estonian Textile Artists Association has it´s 15th birthday this year. Our Association is in its teens. When group behaviour is especially catching. Slogan for the annual exhibition is: everything that infects and sticks. Fashion, panic, virus. Mushroom grows itself on and through moist tree and earth, forms beautiful colonies, sometimes eatable. Are we been eaten? Are we eating? We label, scar, change colour, shape and sizes. We are testing the empathy of society. Textile art consists of thousands of links. Links can be found in ideas, materials, techniques, in makers and in viewers.
Almost 50 authors present their works in the annual exhibition of Estonian Textile Artists Association. Members and non-members of our Association show different handwritings, visions and concepts. Young authors and students from Estonian Academy of Arts and Tartu Art college show their ideas together with more prominent authors.

At the exhibition the slide programme will be presented – collage composed of works of Estonian artists working with textiles. Each of them is represented with three works in his/her own choice - the purpose is to give an overview how we see ourselves and what we see to be important.
The jury consisted of members of ETAA, representative of Estonian Applied Art and Design Museum Kristi Paap and textile artist and educator Liz Clay from United Kingdom.
Display design by Mari Haavel and Einike Soosaar.

In parallel we will hold a seminar “Tendencies in textile art here and among neighbours during last 15 years” with Estonian and foreign speakers (from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania), at The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design on 22nd of August 2008.
Seminar is foremost addressed to (textile) artists and art historians. Speeches should focus largely on visual material and on the ideas of the development of the textile field. The aim is to find comparison with neighbouring countries in general tendencies and visions for the future of textile art.
Estonian speakers at the seminar are Maasike Maasik (textile artist and expert, member of board of Estonian Textile Artists Association), Mare Kelpman (Estonian Art Academy, professor of Textile Design department, textile artist) and Aet Ollisaar (professor and head of the Textile Department of Tartu Art College, textile artist). The guests are Marianne Erikson (former curator of textiles at the Röhss Museum for Applied Art and Design, Göteborg, Sweden), Virginia Vitkiené (curator of Kaunas Textile Biennal, Lithuania), Aino Kajaniemi (textile artist, Finland) and Ieva Krumina (textile artist, Latvia).

Events are organized by the board of Estonian Textile Artists Association.
Events are supported by Estonian Artists Association and Estonian Cultural Fund.


Additional information:
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