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PRESS RELEASE 09.07.2008

Exhibition JUG


The exhibition „Jug” is an attempt to focus on the vessel that can be justifiably considered one of the most widely used types of commodities throughout the centuries. Indeed it is not possible to find any set of tableware having an ambition to perfection where the jug could be missing.
There are numberless jugs in every possible function surrounding us. For instance, ewers, teapots, coffeepots, drinking jugs, milk jugs and sauceboats, to name just a few. They have been made of glass, porcelain, ceramic materials, metal and plastic. There are jugs with paintings and monochrome jugs, jugs used in the peasant's kitchen and prudishly fancy jugs, large and tiny jugs, unique artist creations and factory made jugs.

Which was and is a jug in the space that surrounds us? Let us try to find an answer to this question.

The oldest exhibit at the exhibition dates back to the 16th century and is a part of the collection of tin jugs of the Tallinn City Museum. Also jugs from the Kadrioru and Niguliste Museums of the Estonian Art Museum, Estonian Open Air Museum and private collections are displayed.


It is seldom that a jug is just a titbit on the shelf – its value is considerably enhanced by the utility function and this is true even in case it has been given the respected role of a vase.
Any jug is demanding respect of its creator. It faces the designer with a number of problems requiring well-considered solutions, the first being certainly the need to safeguard the handiness of the pouring function.


The exhibition attempts to please the audience with the various jug associations and to offer the visitors the joy of recognising.
We cannot manage without jugs. It is in beside us in our service daily but unnoticed.

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