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PRESS RELEASE 14.12.2007



With the 14 December opening of the sixth exhibition in the Classics series, featuring the work of textile artist LEA WALTER, the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design is continuing to highlight work by outstanding Estonian applied artists with an important role in the development of Estonian applied art traditions. The exhibition gives an overview of trends in the work of textile artist Lea Walter (born 1926).
Walter incorporates nearly all known weaving techniques in her work, but tapestry woven rugs account for the greatest number of her works. From 1951-1961, she worked as a sketch artist at the Art Products Factory. From 1967-93, she was art director of the decorative weaving studio at "Ars", then an independent artist.

Gaining renown in the beginning of her career primarily for her tapestries, in the 1960s she became an interpreter of Estonian folk ornamentation. Inspired by striped traditional folk rugs, she used the flame motif and geometric patterns. Starting from the 1970s, Lea Walter's work has been dominated by monumentalism, clear composition, compelling colour scheme and consistent rhythm, which make her distinctive among her peers in the field of textile art.

The exhibition features both Walter’s earlier work – less frequently displayed works such as table mats, athletic knitwear outfits from the Art Products Factory era as well as silken handkerchiefs painted in collaboration with Galina Leshkina from as early as the late 1950s – as well as the more widely known woven tapestries, the most recent of which dates from 2004.
The works are from the Museum’s collections and elsewhere.


Exhibition curator: Kai Lobjakas


The exhibition will run until 3 February 2008

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