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PRESS RELEASE 02.11.2007


The exhibition "Changes. Vaba tahe and Friends" celebrates the 10th anniversary of the grouping Vaba Tahe, which was at first named Tapestry ’97. It was created by 7 textile artists (Peeter Kuutma, Maasike Maasik, Lea Valter, Kaire Tali, Kersti Pukk, Heli Kelt, Helen Kauksi) in 1997 with the intention to promote Estonian artistic tapestry weaving. The number of members of the association grew from 7 to 12 and a new name Vaba tahe (Free Will) was taken in 1999. The name symbolizes the voluntary choice of the artists to use time-consuming and profound tapestry techniques. The grouping has not grasped for quick and new techniques as it generally occurred and occurs in contemporary art. But it does not also represent complete conservative attitude – the artists try to find new opportunities within the tapestry technique. The title of the exhibition Changes refers to this kind of vicissitudes. Vaba tahe has organized 2-3 tapestry exhibitions per year during 10 years, often in cooperation with the Estonian Ceramists Association. Many colleagues have been extra invited to participate in several bigger exhibitions. This exhibition in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design shows tapestries by 24 textile artists together with Estonian ceramics.

Authors from Vaba tahe: Peeter Kuutma, Maasike Maasik, Lea Valter, Kaire Tali, Kersti Pukk, Heli Kelt, Helen Kauksi, Erika Tammpere, Kadi Pajupuu, Siiri Minka, Mari Haavel, Kertu Sillaste, Riste Laasberg; friends: Tiiu Laur, Miralda Pajumaa, Ehalill Halliste, Tiina Puhkan, Sigrid Huik, Aet Ollisaar, Mariann Kallas, Merike Männi, Piret Valk, Einike Soosaar, Merle Suurkask.


Exposition of ceramics will be coordinated by the Estonian Ceramists Association.

Exhibition design: Ell Melioranski.

Supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Artists' Association, Tallinn City Government.


The exhibition will be open until 2nd December.


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