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PRESS RELEASE 25.07.2007

Exhibition: Non-Stop
Organised by Estonian Metal Artists Association 
06.07. – 19.08.2007

To each artist the space for creativity is given. But as it will manage it to take advantage, if the keyword for an exhibition is non-stop.

On the other hand, I have always felt an indescribable discomfort when I have to define conventionally my work: jeweller?, artist?, craftsman?, creator?, designer?. If we apply science's universal principle, which says that energy and matter are not created or destroyed, but transformed, or as Thomas Mann said, “the creation is not creating or discovering from the void, but instil one's enthusiasm in the matter.”

Exhibition without a stop, constantly replaced scenery, and change of space for the spectator, the certain dialogue who is the consumer? The artist or the spectator, whether is varied we recently by places when the artist starts to use space, and game with the spectator when it creates the certain hooks as if the fisher, enticing in the networks extraction. As the protagonist at an exhibition all acts the spectator who using hints of the artist, starts to complete a missing part in it Non-stop dialogue.

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Kristi Paap

+372 627 4602

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