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PRESS RELEASE 04.07.2007


Estonian Ceramics: Small Industries and Training Shops in the First Half of the 20th Century

As a rule, ceramics surrounding us is taken for granted and usually we do not give much thought to the origin of these articles.
Still, there are some older, decorous or just interesting items that make us wonder where these pieces come from. While walking around the exhibition halls our visitor can perhaps get an answer to the questions that have been bothering him or her earlier.

The older Estonian ceramics industry has received undeservedly little attention to a large extent due to the fact that not much is known about it.
The summer exhibition in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design „The Story of Estonian Pots” is an attempt to review the production of small ceramics industries and china painting shops and the schools providing education in these areas of Estonia of the 1st half of the previous century.
Beyond expectations, we were fortunate to find several entries of the exhibition are displayed for the first time ever and that have not been deposited in the museums.
The exhibition contains only the objects of art that were produced (ceramics) or painted (china) in Estonia.
The entries were gathered from 7 museums all over Estonia (incl. the collection of ETDM) and several private collectors.
At the exhibition, the spell of simple ceramic form and glaze combines with the technically more sophisticated solutions targeted for a wealthier and demanding consumer.
The respective photo programme provides an opportunity to inquire into the daily chores of the artists of these times and to inspect the material that was not included in the exhibition or that has been unfortunately lost in the imminent flow of time.
Hopefully, the exposition becomes a spirited summer journey through the already known or still unknown paths of Estonian ceramics for the spectator.

Airi Ligi
exhibition curator

+372 627 4605

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