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PRESS RELEASE 10.04.2007

a joint exhibition by Jüri Kermik, Riina Kermik, Liisa Kermik and Jürgen Kermik


In this case, two plus two equals an artistic family of two parents and their offspring, all engaged in various fields of art or design.
The exhibition which opened this week at ETDM represents the first time the UK-based family has exhibited jointly in Estonia.
No doubt the best-known member of the family is paterfamilias Jüri, who teaches design at the University of Brighton, and is known for his PhD dissertation at the Royal College of Arts on the history of the Luthe¬r plywood furniture factory. His research led to a 2002 work published in Estonia, “M. Luther 1877– 1940. Innovation of form from material. In 2004, Jüri served as the curator of the Museum of Architecture’s exhibition on the Luther factory.
At this exhibition, Jüri is displaying an installation consisting of the chairs in the “Äksi” collection, a work based on the so-called Latvian chair common in Estonian homes in the 19th and 20th centuries, this time in the form of an armchair. They are accompanied by folding tables and lights.
His wife Riina is exhibiting a number of three-dimensional objects, in which she develops structures and landscapes inspired by leather in new materials such as silicon. Aside from new work, the exhibition also offers a chance to see a selection of her earlier monumental leather ornamental work.
Meanwhile, Jürgen focuses on light and natural forms. He is exhibiting two light objects and a series of metal applied forms inspired by fossils from the island of Saaremaa.
Liisa is exhibiting a portable screen / partition, a bench designed for public urban space, and tables which deal with describing positive and negative space that lies between furniture. Also on display is the Genderbread product line – gingerbread moulds in which the designer explores the topic of sharing food. There are three types of moulds, in pairs: two boys, two girls and a boy and a girl.

Riina Kermik (1956-): 1985 graduate of the Estonian State Art Institute (ERKI) in ornamental leather work.
Jüri Kermik (1957-): 1982 interior design and furniture design graduate of ERKI. Postgraduate work 1992-1998 Royal College of Arts, London.
Jürgen Kermik (1981-): studied decorative metal work from 2002-2005 at Surrey Institute of Art, Farnham.
Liisa Kermik (1984-): a 2006 furniture design graduate of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe.

The exhibition will be open until 13 May.

Support for the exhibition was received from University of Brighton and Gentle Gallery.

Compiled by:
Ketli Tiitsar
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