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PRESS RELEASE 10.04.2007

Transformation. Paper-clay-paperclay.”
by ceramic artist Annika Teder


In her personal exhibition, Annika Teder displays her monumental ceramic sculptures and objects, part of which are made of paperclay, a material that is gaining more and more popularity among ceramic artists. In terms of its properties and appearance, the paperclay part of the exhibition is related to the artist's previously large-scale work, in which she used nerikomi, a technique involving coloured clays. Paperclay has been in use for a few decades now, but is relatively little known in Estonia. As the name indicates, it is a modelling compound made of clay, paper fibre and water. Paperclay is an easier material to work with when making large-scale works. It gives artists more liberty in their modelling. Since it contains more clay than paper, paperclay can be kiln-fired. Five years ago Teder started touting the virtues of this little-known material among the Academy of Arts ceramics and sculpture departments.

On two occasions as guest artist in Japan, Teder received inspiration from traditional Oriental ceramic techniques, materials and forms. The exhibition reflects her life philosophy, her many layers of cultural experience and her technical mastery in combining various materials.

Teder graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts ceramics department in 1977. She lives in works in Tallinn, and is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Her work has been recognized at competitions in Japan, Italy, Poland and elsewhere. She has exhibited in places from Canada to Scandinavia and Greece. Since 1998 she has been a tenured faculty member at the Estonian Academy of Arts ceramics department, and since 2000 the administrative director of the master’s programme.

The exhibition will be open until 13 May.

Exhibition designed by Andres Tolts

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