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PRESS RELEASE 02.03.2007
MY WORLD: The New Subjectivity in Contemporary Design

British Council and Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design will open an exhibition My World: The New Subjectivity in Contemporary Design by British and Estonian artists on March 2.

At the exhibition, seven British and four Estonian designers will present their new works that are dealing with the relationship of universal and unique and don't approach the design as an issue purely production-based.

When technology makes perfection possible, and the globalisation of business and communication makes visual language universal, designers and consumers get bored. Designers will begin to find ways to contrive uniqueness within standardised processes. Crafts will gather forces in design. The result is the new coming of subjectivity.

The British designers chosen for the exhibition by curators Emily Campbell and Andree Cook are active in various fields: furniture design, fashion, multimedia. Every designer has a distinct visual language, intellectual position or design methodology; in other words, their own highly personalised view of the world.

Danny Brown questions our perception of brand values with his animation shown on bedlinen and tableware. Committee challenge our notions of beauty in digitally-collaged and hand-printed wallpapers derived from rubbish. Doshi Levien explore cultural identities in a shop inspired by markets in India but filled with prototypes for industrial products; Neutral have made a video composite of real and imagined landscapes. By intervening in the industrial fabrication of his chairs, Peter Traag tests our perceptions of mass production and Alison Willoughby pushes the limits of wearability in skirts that experiment with geometry, layering and collage. Wokmedia attempt to industrialise their personal experience of Sri Lankan nature by creating a shelving system in the form of branches.

My World was conceived and organised by the British Council’s Design & Architecture team and launched at Experimenta, the Lisbon Design Biennale in September 2005. It has since been shown in Vilnius, Oslo and London and will continue the tour in Estonia, Poland and Denmark.

In all the countries, a satellite exhibition has been organised with local designers participating. Estonian satellite exhibition is curated by Kai Lobjakas from Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. She chose Annike Laigo, Krista Leesi, Ülle Jehe and Kärt Ojavee, who all have a background of textile designers, but are expressing their relationship with the initial concept and give a new meaning to traditions that come with textile-related objects. Playing with conventional and traditional meanings has brought surprisingly fresh solutions into textile art.

The exhibition is open until April 8.
Press release compiled by Kadri Suni and Kai Lobjakas.

Additional information: Kai Lobjakas, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design,, +372 5648 6977
Kadri Suni, British Council,, +372 625 7792, +372 5665 4345

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