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Collection of Design

Design collection is the youngest collection at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM). The collection, established in 2000, comprises slightly over 100 items by more than 20 authors and producers. The collection consists mainly of product samples and prototypes and was launched with the purpose of collecting material connected with Estonian design, product design, and item heritage. ETDM is the only museum in Estonia where this field is being dealt with on a systematic basis.
Although for a long time the unique articles of applied art used to be the priority in the museum’s accumulation policy, the collections incidentally include some items meant for serial production as well. Thus, the museum has possession of considerable collections of the samples of pre-war product design: the production of the factories of N. Langebraun and J. Lorup, and a unique collection of the production of A. Taska workshop. The material concerning the production of the Luther furniture factory is being acquired.
The museum owns an ample collection of articles from the soviet period including the Tarbeklaas production as well as the collection of the samples of ceramics production and the jewellery designed at the Art Factory ARS that covers a long period.
The textual and pictorial legacy complementing the items collection has a major value. In that way we are preserving the thematically requisite collection of photos, negatives, catalogues and advertising materials, but also the manuscripts from various Estonian enterprises, such as concerning the activities, development and production of Standard, Salvo, and Estoplast besides the continuously growing items collection.
Alongside with gathering the historical heritage, we are collecting the contemporary Estonian design and product design and maintaining the materials relating to this field. The work of the most important designers of the last 10-15 years is represented in the collection. 

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Kai Lobjakas – curator of design collection.
Phone: +372 627 4603