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Permanent exhibition of Estonian design


Collecting design has been in the focus of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design for a decade. It has been systematically followed, regularly collected and researched, the output being several exhibitions and publications. Today both the objects and the supporting material (sketches, plans, documents) has grown into a considerable collection mapping many important issues and phenomenons in local design context.
Until now, at the museum’s permanent display design history had been to some extent included to the all-round approach, applied art and design seen as close and often intertwined fields.

Here and now Estonian design history, especially the different aspects of product design, is being introduced as an independent story and presented in a display concentrated mainly on the 20th century, touching also upon the contemporary.

The aim is to expose the development of Estonian design as a concentrate on a time scale providing a notion of substantial facts, occasions and phenomenons mainly through the mapping of objects. Naturally the apparent result is a schematic one, there has a lot more happened out there considering both the facts and objects. The objects seen here are part of the larger whole. Everything on display hahave a broad and dense world behind it – a network of historic, economic and social aspects forming a ground for many exhibitions, ideas and reasearch to come.

Hopefully the exposition helps to raise the knowledge of the existence of Estonian design as well as value and appreciate it.