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Exhibitons 2018


NERVES. Urmas Puhkan 

The solo exhibition, Nerves, by ceramicist Urmas Puhkan is inspired by the tension in society, the vibrations of nervousness that he finds impossible to ignore. Like the artist says, “Nerves are on edge.” Puhkan depicts a state he has experienced, creating a clay environment in the exhibition space with the help of a 3D-pencil in which a fragile field of lines depicting everyday relations appears. Over time, the fired and unfired clay starts to break apart, crumble and alter and the visitor is able to observe this process in the gallery.


NEW PAIN. Young Estonian design in the 1980s

“New Pain” as a phrase started to be used at the beginning of the 1980s to parody the growing commercial and apolitical New Wave movement in the West. Accounting for the authoritarian era at the time, it could also be seen as a muddying of the tracks, which in turn, became a challenge for the institutions of power. The Estonian designers who emerged during this time of a collapsing and ideologically polarised society worked in a situation that differed drastically from that of their contemporaries and colleagues in the West. Condemning the failings and hostility of their environment, the young Estonian designers started to formulate a new one – their own environment. In the spirit of collective disobedience, they drew inspiration from and were inspired by pop-culture and interdisciplinary experimentation. Drawing on hybrid activities, which included among others performance, conceptual art, music, and film, they expressed the identity of the new generation using projects, events and a highly visible series of exhibitions in which the ideas of the city and urban design, interior architecture and product design, furniture design and poster design were brought together.
In an attempt to ascertain the context, (design) strategies and circle of participants from this complicated and little researched period, this exhibition brings together a range of work some of which is publicly unknown. Exhibition curated by Jüri Kermik.

ROOM. Urmas-Ott

For the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia the museum started a project titled Room. As part of the project artists will be invited to respond to the landscape of objects in the collection of the museum, which have moulded the local everyday environment. The aim is to broaden our understanding of the rich multi-layered history of Estonian applied art and design, and give curators the opportunity, through their subjective preferences, to discover new artists and their work. The first to be invited to participate in the project was the artist group Urmas-Ott (Urmas Lüüs, Hans-Otto Ojaste).


BRON. Ruudt Peters

The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design presents for the first time in Estonia, the work of legendary Dutch jeweller Ruudt Peters at a retrospective exhibition BRON (SPRING).
BRON is the beginning, the starting point. Various “things” rise and emanate from springs – both literally and figuratively. The sources of his work are the main focus of this retrospective exhibition of the work of Ruudt Peters, who not only shares his work, but also what has inspired him at the deepest level. BRON is an overview of Peters’ work from his rebellious jewellery at beginning of the 1970s to his more recent works of the past few years, which draw on research into cultures, customs and practices.


MIND and BODY ‒ I and YOU

Peter Ramsebner, Anna Steinhäusler (Austria)


The museum is presenting an exhibition of two Vienna-based artists working primarily in sculpture, structured as a creative dialogue between “mind and body, I and you.” The exhibition deals with the shared features and contrasts between the authors themselves and people in general. Using human figures, the artists depict the overlays of body and mind. In the artists' own words, the dynamics between body and mind as well as the internal and external worlds is part of their being and behaviour.


CLASSICS. Anu Rank-Soans

Anu Soans (1941), one of the most experienced ceramicists to have worked in Estonian industry, designed a large number of vessels and decorative forms produced and still in use in Estonia. That said, she has also been active in the field of contemporary ceramics. Soans is well known as a ceramicist, but until now her work has not been presented at a solo exhibition. The series of exhibitions Classics will present her substantial legacy of industrial ceramics as well as contemporary work, analysing and revealing the differences and intersections between these worlds since 1970. Exhibition curated by Karin Vicente.